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We catch up with our alumnus and drummer of hotly tipped new band, Daydreamers...


Daydreamers, featuring ICMP's BMus in Popular Music Performance alumnus Jay Lewis, are among the most hotly tipped bands of 2024. 

The four-piece has recently signed a record deal and released their first single, 'Call Me Up', a track that has already rocked up one million plus streams on Spotify since its release at the start of April. 

With the band eyeing up an important year, we caught up with Jay to hear more about his time at ICMP, experiences with the band and what the future has in store...

How did you start out in music?

My mum and sisters were very musical during my childhood so there was often someone in the house playing the piano or violin. 

I knew I wanted to get involved with music but found myself looking for an instrument that went against the more orchestral world that my sisters inhabited. In my first year of secondary school I signed up for drum lessons. 

How did you end up studying at ICMP? 

Before moving to London I was in a band with fellow Institute alumnus (and hugely talented guitarist) James Neye. He had mentioned that he was planning on enrolling so, on his recommendation, I researched the college and felt that it was the right place to take my next musical steps. 

I initially joined the year long Higher Diploma course before continuing my education on the three-year BMus Degree. Those four years have proven to be incredibly formative in shaping my musical career since graduating from ICMP." 

What were the most important things you learned? 

Networking is everything! But It doesn't need to feel like work... Practically speaking, this can be as simple as having a drink with friends at a jam night. Most likely you are already doing this in some capacity so don't overthink it! Work hard but be social; opportunities arise from relationships.

How did you join Daydreamers? Were you in the band before you started your studies at ICMP?

Daydreamers formed after my time at ICMP, however my involvement is a direct result of a relationship I made whilst studying there. During my BMus studies, the band I was in at the time recorded an EP. The session was engineered by Will Hicks who would later go on to produce Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' and bring me in to record drums. Will then went on to create his own artist management company Quarter Tone Music Management and took on Daydreamers front man Riley. We were then introduced, before Aurora (bass) and Marco (guitar) joined and Daydreamers was formed. 


How does the band approach the creative process? And how has the group built a fan base? 

Riley is a fantastic writer and producer and so the process starts with him writing material and then bringing it to the band where we'll workshop the songs and tweak the parts and arrangements for the live shows.

Our fanbase has been built from the ground up predominantly through social media. We tried to be consistent and strategic with our approach, experimenting with different ideas with an emphasis on fan engagement.   

Other than the new deal, what have been the highlights for the band?  

The biggest highlight for the band has been finding an audience that genuinely loves the music, and the release of our first single 'Call Me Up'. The support from our fanbase has been so instrumental in getting our music out there."

We've also just been tracking drums for the new material at RAK studios which was a real pleasure.

What's next for you and the group? What are your big ambitions?​

In the immediate future, an exciting festival season! There are many that we can't announce just yet but there are some real bucket list ones for me personally. 

Release more music, we're so excited about what we have lined up and can't wait to get the songs out.

Longer term, a US tour would be high on our list... The single is proving popular in the States so it's been a really promising start.

Follow Daydreamers on Instagram and watch the video to the track, 'Call Me Up'.

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by ICMP staff writer
April 19, 2024
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