At ICMP, we are committed to delivering a world-class programme of contemporary education. It is this approach that has meant we’ve been at the forefront of music industry education for more than 30 years - longer than any other provider. 

In September 2021, we will be continuing to offer this to our students via our blended learning experience. This mix of onsite face-to-face and online education will ensure we give our students the best opportunity to launch their music industry careers as well as ensuring the safety of all students and staff.  

Our new Two-Stage Delivery Model 

During the past year, we’ve operated a four-stage delivery model which allowed us to move between the varying restrictions instigated by the UK government. For the current academic year (2021-22), we’re pleased to have updated and simplified this into a two-stage system.

This new system allows our blended-delivery format to be our default position, alongside a simplified COVID contingency, consisting of either ‘blend’ or ‘lockdown’.

This ensures all students have access to the contact time with tutors and peers that is an important part of the ICMP learning experience, alongside access to our state-of-the-art facilities for personal practice, rehearsal and recording.

Music lesson at ICMP London Music School

Developed in consultation with our students

Student representatives including our Student President, Vice President and Student Council have consulted with the ICMP Academic Board on the decision to adopt this blended approach and believe it is the best way to deliver our world-class educational programme safely and securely.

Your Learning Experience  

All students can expect to enjoy face-to-face teaching through a blended learning experience, although this will vary between programmes. 

Undergraduate: First and Second year students 
Students will normally experience two days per week of onsite face-to-face teaching. The rest of your timetable will be delivered online through a combination of Canvas (our online central learning environment) and Microsoft Teams.  

Undergraduate: Final year students 
Final year undergraduate students will have at least one day of onsite face-to-face teaching per week. The rest of your timetable will be delivered online through a combination of Canvas and Microsoft Teams. 

Postgraduate students 
Postgraduate students will experience onsite face-to-face classes as the default position. They will be supported by online supervisions/classes on the modules where this works effectively and with no detriment to the student experience.

Timetables  - All students will have access to their timetables in August, we will email to confirm when these have been released. 

Students in music studio London

Access to our facilities  

Alongside our educational programme and teaching faculty, ICMP’s state-of-the-art facilities are an essential part of the student experience. We anticipate that our blended learning model should lead to greater availability of ICMP’s studios and production rooms for personal practice and recording. This will also include our brand-new Queen’s Park campus

What happens if restrictions change? 

We are committed to delivering a full student experience to ensure each student has the opportunity to achieve their learning and developmental goals, enjoy the benefits of being an ICMP student and receive excellent value for money.  

However, in the event of restrictions changing or another lockdown, then we may be forced to change the delivery of our programmes.

We will only do so in line with government guidance and do our utmost to ensure any changes are communicated with you effectively. This could mean:  

  • Offering all classes online
  • Temporarily closing our buildings

Through the experience of delivering our programmes online during the past year, we are confident that, in this situation, we will still be able to offer a rewarding and productive experience to all students.

Moving between stages

If we are required to move to a 'lockdown' stage, because of local or national lockdowns, we may need to make those decisions and changes extremely quickly as it will be outside of our control. However, following any period of 'lockdown', it benefits no-one to make a sudden transition back to our 'blended' stage. Students and staff will want enough time to make their arrangements and as such any changes of this nature will be carefully considered, planned, and communicated.   

Student consultation is extremely important to us at ICMP. As we move between stages, we will ensure that it is in the best interests of the majority of our community. However, if we are required to move to the 'lockdown' stage, student consultation may not be possible.  Any decisions to change how courses are delivered will be taken by the Senior Management Team under our business continuity procedures.

In such instances, all students and staff will be communicated by email in the first instance. Remaining transparent and communicating changes that impact students in a timely manner is something we value at ICMP and we will do our utmost to communicate any changes that impact you as early as possible.

Individual circumstances

Some students may have individual circumstances that mean they cannot be on-campus at the same time as others. 

This might be due to a long-term health condition that makes you more vulnerable than others, or it may be because you live with a vulnerable relative, or for some other reason. We will do what we can to help you manage your attendance and get the best out of your time at ICMP. Please email to tell us about your individual circumstances. 

Our process of moving between stages • Student Protection Plan


We’re here to answer your questions

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding your student experience.

New students 
Our Admissions Team are on hand to talk you through the process of joining ICMP and also help with any questions about your course, moving to London or preparing for university study. The team can be contacted on +44 (0)20 7328 0222 or at We’re also available via LiveChat during UK office hours.

Current Students
Support, advice and guidance is available from your Programme Leaders who will be able to offer further details of the delivery model for your programme. We believe that the proposed model will continue to provide an excellent student experience for students studying at ICMP, however students that may want to consider transferring to another institution are able to discuss options with their Programme Leader.   

We look forward to seeing everyone back onsite in September.