Since the coronavirus pandemic began, ICMP has been working hard to ensure students are provided with appropriate, high-quality higher education support and guidance. Members of the ICMP staff, tutor and student community have collaborated to introduce remote teaching and learning. This means that regardless of the latest COVID-19 situation where you’re located, you can successfully continue your course, achieve your goals, progress to the next stage of your studies and even graduate.

Currently, our Dyne Road site and Acton studios are open and all students can book and use our rooms, studios and other facilities for private practice, rehearsal, recording, study and assessments. Our sites are fully COVID-secure and appropriately staffed.

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and are looking forward to welcoming all our students – both new and continuing – as usual in September 2021.

The prospect of starting the new academic year at university may be concerning for some, but we’re here to set your mind at ease. While it’s impossible for us to guarantee many things – like when life will return to ‘normal’, exactly what social distancing measures will look like in September, and when our international student colleagues will be able to return to London – we are prepared, with engaging alternative methods of study ready to implement quickly, should the need arise.

So, in the spirit of open engagement, we thought we’d address some of your most pressing questions, with the view to starting a conversation with you. We’re keen to understand what you’re most concerned about, what you expect from us, and how we can provide the choices and opportunities you’re looking for.

Understanding your individual needs

As part of our ‘Confirm your place' process which runs during the summer months, students and applicants will receive a survey asking about their needs so we can find out whether they’re financial, academic, equipment-based, wellbeing-related, linked to disability support, or a combination of these. We anticipate you'll have many questions for us, so we do invite and encourage your feedback.

Current students, please send your queries to our Academic Support team on

New students, please send your queries to our Admissions team on in the first instance.

Additional Information

In addition to the information contained on this page, we have also detailed our approach to delivering higher education during the pandemic which was written in consultation with our current student body and provides further details about to studying at ICMP during this period.

Current Students

If you require additional support during this period, please get in touch. We're here to help and support you throughout your time at ICMP in whatever capacity we can.

Please contact the Academic Support team ( or your Programme Leader.

Financial Hardship

If you have any immediate financial needs, you may be able to access funding from our Hardship Fund. Please contact to find out more or visit the Hardship Fund page on My.ICMP to start your application.

FAQs - Students

What should I do if I'm currently experiencing COVID-like symptoms?

If you have any coronavirus symptoms, please adhere to the latest government guidelines. Let us know as soon as possible using the form below and don’t attend ICMP.


How do I report a positive COVID-19 test?

It’s crucial we’re aware of any students who test positive to coronavirus. We have an obligation to return data on our students to our regulators and Public Health England, and being aware of any positive cases allows us to act accordingly within our ICMP community. If you do test positive to COVID-19, please let us know as soon as possible using this form.

What should I do if I need to self-isolate?

If you fall into any of the self-isolation categories outlined by the UK Government, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing You can read the latest NHS details about self-isolation on their website.

Is ICMP currently open?

Yes. In line with the recent changes in government guidelines, we’ve reopened our Dyne Road and Acton studio facilities, and students can now come on site for rehearsal, recording and study in a managed capacity. All teams and support services are available to students, and this has remained the case throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

While some teaching is taking place on site, and most of our undergraduate students now have access to additional face-to-face workshops, we’re continuing to deliver our full timetable of classes online so that all students can complete their studies as normal, regardless of their personal circumstances.

What are the implications of the latest UK Government measures?

Following a period of country-wide lockdown, the UK Government reviewed the restrictions placed on higher education institutions and on 8 March 2021 we were able to reopen our facilities to allow students to rehearse, record and access our Learning Resource Centre(LRC).

All teaching will remain online, but we’re now able to schedule face-to-face workshops and sessions for practice-based undergraduate programmes. These will be in addition to our full online timetable and are designed so you can engage with your tutors and peers in person and further support your studies.

As the latest COVID-19 information is likely to change at short notice, please check your student email account regularly during this period, as important updates will always be communicated via email in the first instance. 

Where can I find the latest government advice?

The official UK Government coronavirus website should always be your first port of call for the latest advice and guidance on anything COVID-19 related.

Can I now head back to London?

Yes, you’re now allowed to return to your term-time residence. To minimise the risk to yourself and others while travelling, please act responsibly and follow the UK Government’s National lockdown: Stay at Home guidance on social contact.

You’re also encouraged to get tested before you travel back to your term-time residence and upon arrival at ICMP. All students and staff entering ICMP buildings are expected to provide evidence of a negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT) taken within the previous five days. We recommend getting tested on a weekly basis if you’re going to be on site at ICMP regularly.

You can locate your nearest community testing facilities here. Free testing remains available to all ICMP students at various locations in Brent. You can book your test here.

What’s happening with assessments?

Assessment activity will be going ahead at the end of Semester B. For details regarding each of your assignments, please refer to the module pages on Canvas. 

Can I still socialise with my fellow students during this period?

From 8 March you can now return to university and spend time in outdoor public spaces for recreation with your household, support bubble or one other person. You must adhere to social distancing regulations with those from outside your household. As advice is changing regularly on this front, please keep on top of the rules outlined in the latest government restrictions

I'm struggling with my mental health. What should I do?

ICMP’s Wellbeing Team is available to help and support you with mental health-related issues. Please contact them via

There are also plenty of external resources available if you need to speak with someone at any time:

Talk anytime you like, about anything that’s bothering you, in your own way and off the record.
Phone 116 123
Text ‘SHOUT’ to 85258 or visit give us a shout.

You're not alone. Togetherall is a safe place to talk, share the load and support others like you. It’s available 24/7, 365 days a year and is FREE for all ICMP students.

Supporting you to look after your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Looking after your mental health.

I'm struggling financially. Can ICMP help?

If you’re a current student and have immediate financial needs, you may be able to access support from our Hardship Fund. Please contact to find out more or visit the Hardship Fund page on My.ICMP to start your application.

How can I connect and collaborate with students during this period?

If you can’t make it to face-to-face classes, you can network with fellow students, graduates and tutors using – the home of ICMP’s global community. You can also use ICMPLife to keep a check on how your friends and colleagues are coping during the coronavirus pandemic too – so be sure to get in touch and ask if they’re OK.

We’re also running a full programme of online activities and social events called Room23 – please check your emails or ICMPLife for current listings.

Why is ICMP not offering mass testing like other universities?

Not all providers of higher education in England are providing mass testing. This is because the programme is designed primarily for universities with large halls of residence where students don’t need to travel to the test site using public transport.

At learning facilities where students live in a wide range of locations, such as ICMP, asking everyone to come to a test centre in Kilburn, in most cases at least twice, will actually increase the risk of coronavirus transmission. Each institution conducts its own risk assessment and acts accordingly. We’ve been advised by our local Brent Public Health services that organising mass testing for ICMP students is not a good idea and may potentially increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission for our students, their families and ICMP’s local community too.

We encourage all students to get tested on a weekly basis – particularly those who intend to use our on-site facilities and engage in face-to-face activities. All students and staff are expected to produce a negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT), taken within the previous five days, before visiting ICMP buildings. This will help ensure optimum safety and peace of mind for all students and staff using the building.

ICMP students can access free testing at sites throughout the Borough of Brent. Book your test here. 

I live in shared-housing, how can I keep myself and fellow housemates safe?

If you’re currently living in a shared house or bedsit, please be extra careful, as you’re more at risk from COVID-19. Preventing the spread of coronavirus can be more difficult when living in close proximity to other people. The new strains of COVID-19 are highly contagious and positive cases can spread very quickly. Around one in three people with coronavirus have no symptoms, so will be spreading it without them realising.

It’s really important that you follow public health advice to keep yourself and others safe:

If you have symptoms, don’t use shared facilities at the same time as other people
Don’t invite visitors into your home
Wash your hands regularly
Clean the bathroom and kitchen more frequently with household cleaning products
Clean things people touch the most, such as taps, tables, door handles, light switches and remote controls
Open windows regularly

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, stay at home and book a free COVID test. Everyone in your house will have to self-isolate for 10 full days  as well.

If you are worried about symptoms, or someone you live with, call NHS 111. In an emergency, dial 999.

Information taken from

What happens if I'm clinically vulnerable and can’t attend ICMP when face-to-face teaching resumes?

If you’re in a clinical high-risk category, please make contact with our Academic Support Team and they’ll advise you accordingly. The team can be contacted via

What should I do if I am unable to return to London?

Teaching will continue online for the remainder of Semester B, so there’s no obligation to return to London during this period. We’ll continue to run our events programme online too, providing you with opportunities to socialise and engage in extra-curricular activities.  

I’m an international student. Will I need to self-isolate after I return to ICMP from abroad?

Guidance for people entering the UK from abroad is constantly changing. We recommend you visit closer to your travel time and follow the relevant up-to-date advice.

Can I still hire equipment from ICMP’s hire facility?

Yes, our equipment remains available to students for onsite use. All our musical equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every booking. 

If you have specific equipment requirements that are critical to your academic work, please contact us at and we'll see if we can assist.

Can I now access studios and rehearsal space?

Yes, our facilities are now open to students for rehearsal, recording, study and assessments.

To avoid unnecessary travel or having too many students on site at once, please book rooms or facilities in advance using our existing booking system.

You should adhere to the following guidance when visiting our facilities: 

Entering our buildings
When visiting Dyne Road, please enter the building through the usual front door and exit from the rear. You must sign-in on the Reception desk using your ID card, and touch out again at the exit point adjacent to the rear door as you leave the building. It’s essential you check-in and out each time you enter or leave, even if you’re only going for lunch. 

All visitors to Dyne Road, and our Acton studios, will receive temperature checks on entry and you must be prepared to show a negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT) result taken within the previous five days. This will ensure optimal safety and peace of mind for all building users.

As an ICMP student, you can access free testing at sites throughout the Borough of Brent. Book your test here. 

Moving around the buildings 
Social distancing and managed movement around the buildings remains in place, with two metre social distancing required, wherever possible. At Dyne Road, please continue to use the front staircase to ascend the building and the rear staircase to descend. 
Face coverings 
Face coverings are available at Reception and must be worn throughout the buildings at all times where two metre social distancing isn’t possible, including in classrooms. Students who refuse to wear a face covering may be asked to leave the building. If you have a mask-wearing exemption, please contact the Wellbeing Team to be issued with an exemption lanyard. 

What should I do if I’m not able to submit my coursework on time?

Please don’t worry! If you’re unable to complete your work on time, you can request additional time due to ‘extenuating circumstances’. Applying is straightforward and more information can be found here.

I’ve borrowed some books from the Library but can’t return them as I’ve now returned home. What should I do?

For now, keep the book safe and contact us at to confirm you have it. We can then ensure a note is placed against your library record.

Now that we’ve reopened, if you’re still unable to return a book that's left in your student accommodation, please ask one of your ICMP housemates to return it to our Reception desk or the library with a note which lists your name as the current borrower of the book.

What should I do if I’m dissatisfied with my current experience at ICMP?

If you’re unhappy with your ICMP experience, you should speak with your Programme Leader. They’ll be able to address your concerns and escalate the matter, as appropriate.

Another route is to feedback to us on what is and isn’t working. You can do this through our well-established system of Student Reps and Student Officers, who will feed your concerns into our Student Senate, led by a Student President and Vice-President. Full details on how to access this route can be found here.

Will I be entitled to a refund or compensation as a result of changes caused by COVID-19?

Your rights are protected under UK law and our refund policy applies as normal. We’re doing everything we reasonably can to deliver what we’ve committed to and will ensure you can continue your course and achieve your goals regardless of the coronavirus restrictions imposed on us. If you think you haven’t received the right level of service or support from us, we’ll examine your situation and make sure we resolve your issues. If we’re unable to do so, we’ll consider your case under our refund policy.

We subscribe to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA). If you’ve already studied with us and feel we haven’t applied our policy fairly and appropriately in your specific case, you can ask them to review our decision. The OIA is completely independent and there’s no charge to use this service.

Current advice for applicants

If you’re keen to apply to join us at ICMP in September 2021, please know that our application and auditioning process is running as normal. The entire ICMP team is functioning as normal and ready to offer support if you need help applying. 

We've set out answers below to many common questions we're being asked about new applications, but if you still have queries after reading them, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7328 0222 or via email at

If you've not booked your ICMP audition yet, you can do so here: 


FAQs - Applicants

How can I learn more about the ICMP Admissions process and how it's changed?

In short, our admissions process hasn't changed. We're simply working remotely and unable to offer face-to-face auditions. Our friendly Admissions team remain on hand to give you all the support you need, book your Skype audition or answer any questions you might have. You can contact them via email on, by phone on 020 7328 0222 or through our LiveChat below.​

I’d like to audition but am not sure how this will work now

We’ve been auditioning overseas students for many years via online platforms such as Skype, so we’re very familiar with the practicalities of assessing students remotely.

Our experienced assessors are ready to help you overcome any issues you may have to ensure you get the most from the experience. Auditions are a crucial part of our application process. While we need to assess your abilities and understand your aspirations, we also need to check that ICMP is the right fit for you, so the audition process is likely to be just as useful to you as it is to us. You should be wary of any music schools that don’t follow this thorough audition process.

If you’d like more information about booking a remote audition, please contact our Admissions team via email at, by phone on +44 (0)20 7328 0222 or using our LiveChat function below. You can also book your audition outside office hours using this form.

Will any disruption to my exams impact my application to study at ICMP?

Please know that any disruption you suffer due to unexpected COVID-related circumstances won’t affect your application to study at ICMP. All applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and you won’t be disadvantaged.

While we consider academic ability within our application process, our primary focus is on the audition/interview element of your application, as it helps us decide if ICMP is the right place for you as a creative musician. This advice remains the same for all applicants, whether from the UK, the EU or outside of Europe.

I'm an EU/Overseas student and concerned that I may not be in a position to move to the UK this September

The uncertainty of recent times has been confusing for everyone. While we can’t guarantee the exact impacts of COVID-19 in September, we’ve been preparing for all eventualities and are confident in our solutions. If COVID-19 is still affecting your ability to travel to the UK in September, we’ll continue to offer alternative/online delivery methods. These will be available until you're able to come to the UK to start your studies in person. If your face-to-face start at ICMP is delayed, our Admissions team will help you with any necessary administration so your Student Route visa isn’t impacted.

If you need to delay travelling to London and are eligible to do so, we’ll send you a form to complete. We’ll then contact you to outline how we can support you to continue your studies off site for an agreed period of time. 

If you’re an overseas student and need to take an English language assessment, please continue with your application as normal and contact our Admissions team for advice on, by phone on +44 (0)20 7328 0222 or through our LiveChat below.​


Some students both within the UK and overseas may have individual circumstances that mean they can’t join us for on-campus lectures at the same time as others. This may be due to a long-term health condition, because you live with a vulnerable relative, or you may be unable to travel or relocate to London immediately due to local lockdown or restrictive measures. 

If you fall into any of these circumstances, or have a legitimate reason not to join us in person in September, we can work to establish a plan that supports you to commence your studies off site. In order to do so, simply complete our 'Distance Learning' form and submit it before 1 September 2021. 

Once we’ve received your details, we'll be in contact to outline how we can support you to continue your studies off site for an agreed period of time. 

I was looking forward to attending an ICMP open day, how can I find out more?

While we’re disappointed we’re unable to welcome prospective students on site to view our amazing facilities and meet our team, we are running in-depth virtual open days. These events allow you to learn about ICMP, meet our tutor team and hear from some of our current students. You'll be treated to live music and taken on a live guided VR tour of our facilities. Book your place today.

We also offer personalised virtual tours  of our facilities to give you a good feel for why hundreds of students choose to study music at ICMP each year. While not quite the same as visiting us in person, we’ll still be able to show you around our building and talk you through our facilities.

Visit our Virtual Open Days page to book an open day or request your personal virtual guided tour.

What happens if the UK is still in lockdown in September 2021?

While we can’t predict what the exact impacts of COVID-19 will be in September, we have been preparing for every eventuality. Our blended-learning model has proved to be very effective and popular with our students and, whatever the future holds, we can continue with this form of education to ensure you’re able to access a proportion of your course on-campus. You can read more about our blended-learning model here. 

We're looking forward to our new cohort of students joining us in September. Whether online or face-to-face, we're confident we'll successfully deliver a world-class educational experience of the same high standard thousands of ICMP students have enjoyed over the past 30 years.

If you’re based outside the UK, an online delivery mode will be available to you until you're able to come to the UK to start your studies in person. This lets you connect with your tutors and fellow students, and remain on track with your studies.

Explore our approach to delivering higher education during the pandemic.

What if I still have concerns about what ICMP is offering in September?

Your rights are protected under UK law. We’re doing everything we reasonably can to deliver what we’ve committed to and ensure you can continue your course and achieve your goals regardless of the coronavirus restrictions. We acknowledge that your life as a student at ICMP may be different to the one you imagined when you first applied. If you think our approach won't work for you, we’ll examine your situation and will resolve any issues you may have. If we’re unable to do this, we’ll support you to look at other options.

Join us in September and progress your career in music

Campus Access and Safety


Yes. In line with the recent changes in government guidelines, we’ve now reopened our facilities and students can return in a managed capacity.

You now have access to ICMP buildings for rehearsal, recording, study and assessment. Some teaching is taking place on site and students on most undergraduate programmes now have access to additional face-to-face workshops designed to complement online learning, but we're continuing to deliver our full timetable online for the remainder of the semester/trimester.

So we don’t have too many students on site at once, please book any rooms or facilities you’d like to use in advance through our existing booking system.


The safety of our students and staff remains our highest priority. All building users should adhere to the following guidance when visiting our facilities: 

Entering the buildings
When visiting, please enter the building through the usual front door and exit from the rear. Students will need to sign-in, using their ID card, on the Reception desk and touch out on the Exit point adjacent to the rear door as they leave. It’s essential that students check-in and out each time they enter or leave, even if only going out for lunch. 

All visitors to both Dyne Road and Acton will be subject to temperature checks upon entry. Please also be prepared to show a negative test result upon entry, this will enable us to ensure optimum safety and peace of mind for all building users.

Moving around the building 
At Dyne Road, please continue to use the front staircase to ascend the building and the rear staircase to descend. 

Social distancing and managed movement around the buildings remains in place throughout, with 2m social distancing required wherever possible.


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, our daily on-site cleaning procedures have intensified. In addition to our regular cleaning regime, our hygiene programme now includes additional focus on all touch points and surfaces across the building, ensuring they’re cleaned with anti-viral disinfectant each morning and at regular times throughout the day.

We also have an enviable selection of musical equipment and instruments available for students to borrow and use on site. Each piece of equipment is cleaned thoroughly after use.


If you become unwell at the ICMP campus, please report to staff at the Facilities Desk immediately.

This includes any known coronavirus symptoms including: 

  • Temperature/fever
  • Persistent cough
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea or loss of taste or smell


Staff, students, visitors, contractors and members of the public must wear face coverings while on site at ICMP. A face covering is normally a cloth or mask covering both the nose and mouth. These are available at both Dyne Road and Acton Studios if you don’t have your own. 

Face coverings must be worn when entering ICMP buildings and in all shared indoor spaces, including in-person teaching settings, communal and circulation spaces, offices, meeting rooms and libraries.

We ask all students and staff to be respectful of this policy and help us enforce it in a sensitive and appropriate way for the protection and safety of all.


There are some occasions where face coverings can be removed, such as in single occupancy offices, when seated at a desk in a shared office with protective screening, and/or when two metres of social distancing is observed.

Face coverings also don’t need to be worn when eating and drinking as long as the two-metre social distancing guideline is maintained at all times.

Children under the age of 11 don’t need to wear a face coverings and Public Health England recommends children under three don’t wear face coverings for health and safety reasons.


If you’re not able to wear a face covering for one of the following reasons, please speak with a member of our Wellbeing Team and you may be granted an exemption:

  • If you can’t put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability
  • Where putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress
  • If you’re speaking or providing assistance to someone who relies on lip-reading, clear sound or facial expressions to communicate*
  • In order to avoid harm or injury, or the risk of harm or injury, to yourself or others ‒ including if wearing one would negatively impact your ability to exercise or participate in strenuous activities

*Transparent face visors can be provided by the Facilities team to help communication between those who lip-read.

Providing evidence
Government advice for those who have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering is that they shouldn’t be routinely asked to provide written evidence of this.

All ICMP students and staff who are exempt from wearing face coverings will, at their discretion, be offered an additional copper-coloured lanyard so they can be easily identified in the building. If a student has a Support Agreement in place, they can opt to have this information noted in the top header of their Support Agreement with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Exemption cards or homemade signs can also be carried, if preferred.

Getting a lanyard
Contact to request an exemption lanyard. You’ll be asked to complete the Face Mask Exemption Register short form. Once completed, you’ll receive a confirmation of your request via email which you can then show to Reception when collecting your lanyard. 

General Coronavirus Advice


Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms.

Stay at home if you have either:

  • A high temperature (i.e. you feel hot to touch on your chest or back)
  • A new, continuous cough (i.e. you've started coughing repeatedly).

Please don’t visit a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. 

You don’t need to contact 111 to tell them you have symptoms, but please inform ICMP either via your Programme Leader or Academic Support so we can note your authorised absence, support you by minimising any impact your absence might have on your academic progress, and help you apply for extenuation from any imminent academic deadlines you may have. 

Use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service if:

  • You feel you can’t cope with your symptoms at home
  • Your condition gets worse
  • Your symptoms don’t get better after seven days.

Only call 111 if you can’t access the help you need online.

Please ensure you’re registered with your local health services in line with current Public Health England guidance.


The coronavirus pandemic and the constraints of being confined to our homes during lockdown have placed a great strain on many students’ physical and mental wellbeing. During this period, our Student Wellbeing team is on hand to direct you to appropriate support if you’re concerned, stressed, anxious or low. You can also access the reassuring online services of Togetherall at any time. 

It’s important we do all we can to support our friends, peers and colleagues during this time. We encourage you to keep in regular touch with each other, checking in on your friends’ wellbeing, offering help and support, and making allowances for the pressure we’re all facing. Additional advice is available from the NHSWorld Health Organization and music industry sites such as Help Musicians and Music and You.


The Department for Education has launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19, specifically in relation to education. Parents, carers and students can contact the helpline Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm on 0800 046 8687 or by emailing

Have further questions? Just drop us a line...

Our friendly team remain on hand to give you all the support you need and answer any questions you might have. You can access them via email by phone +44 (0)20 7328 0222 or through our LiveChat below.​

Contact us