At ICMP we’re proud of our commitment to diversity across our courses and student body.

Our approach to equality aims to help bridge the gender gap which continues to persist in the wider industry, according to a recent report from former BASCA CEO, Vick Bain

Her 'Counting The Music Industry: The Gender Gap' study, which received responses from more than 300 UK music publishers and record labels, discovered that just over 14 percent of the writers represented by UK publishers are female.

More statistics from the report revealed that female artists make up just under 20 percent of acts signed to labels. 

However, in music education, there has been an increase in participation by females at all levels during the last five years.  

In 2018, around 45 percent of the 25,000 music students studying at degree level were female. 


Pushing for a more equitable gender balance

At ICMP, our diversity goes further: our Music Business & Entrepreneurship programme currently includes 59 percent female students, while BA Songwriting has 51 percent and MA Songwriting has 62 percent female students.  

Sophie Daniels, ICMP’s Head of Songwriting, said: 

We’re very proud of our commitment to gender equality at ICMP. It’s an essential part of the make-up of our musical community. While there’s always more to be done in leveling the playing field in the wider industry, we’re pleased with the work we’ve done to create this unique education environment for our music students.” ​


Commenting, Vick Bain added:

"As my research demonstrates there is much to be done in combating gender discrimination, with 80 percent of signed musicians and 86 percent of signed songwriters male. One of my recommendations was for a closer collaboration between education and industry and ICMP are already at the forefront of this. 

I know diversity is a key component of their student strategy and this is reflected in the favourable gender split of students seen on a number of key programmes. It's been a pleasure to work with ICMP over the years and I am very much looking forward to seeing how together we can continue to make a positive difference to the music industry." 

Introducing our new Student Diversity Officer

For this current 2019/20 academic year, we're very pleased to have introduced a brand new Student Diversity Officer role to ICMP. Third-year BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship student Aslihan Hird was recently elected by the ICMP student body into this voluntary role and we look forward to developing this area further with her.

With the gender gap being among her many areas of interest, Aslihan recently commented on the developing music education figures: "This improved representation in music education as a whole certainly leaves no excuse for a lack of equality in the wider music industry. Hopefully this will be felt in the coming years as the current crop of students graduates and enters the wider business. After all, we are the future of this industry." 

Read our recent interview with Songtrust's Lara Baker about the important topics of gender balance and inclusivity in the music industry. 

Join ICMP's diverse student community

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