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Each Tuesday, we present a student or graduate music project, making it our #ICMPSpotlight of the week.

This time we've chosen to shine a light on Shananigans, an interview series by BA Songwriting student Shamir Supangan, also known as @crazylittleasian.



Sha Supangan is a performer, writer and current BA Songwriting student at ICMP. During the recent lockdown, Sha started to host a weekly series of live interviews under the name of #shananiganslive. In these sessions, she has been interviewing some of her "favourite human beings" from the music and creative industries about their motivations, fears and how to move forward.

Her guests include music business professionals, performers, artists, and music venue owners. Sha describes her sessions as:

An ongoing conversation about how, why and what we are doing with our precious lives."

Throughout the last weeks, she spoke to various guests including Sony ATV music publisher Chi Chi Nwakodo, Arminov from Filipino rock legends Sponge Cola, fellow ICMP Songwriting student and electronic dance musician Gertrude Veremu,  Wiseboy, and songwriter vocalists Sarah De Warren and Marlon-Oliver Harris.

Sha also hosted a few of her SHAnanigans sessions on the ICMP London Instagram profile, including a very interesting conversation with award-winning designer and venue owner Paul Daly.

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