The ICMP Spotlight aims to support as many students and alumni as possible in their personal careers within the music industry.

Whether you're working on a musical, have joined a cover band, started out as a booking agent/artist manager/music journalist/etc, we want to know all about it and support you with any possible means.

Each month we present a student or graduate music project, making it our #ICMPSpotlight. This month we have student Romy Hubert.

Romy Hubert, Festival Republic

Our Music Business and Entrepreneurship student Romy Hubert is among one of the latest to land a music industry job. Her role is with Festival Republic, one of the biggest event promoters in the live music sector. 

In our Spotlight feature, we hear more about Romy's role and how she landed the opportunity. 

Could you talk a little about your role with Festival Republic? What does your job involve? 

I’m working as a Finance and Admin Assistant. My main task is to work on artist payments, but I can also work on other tasks such as credit cards and permit free scheme, an initiative that allows foreign artists that come to certain UK festivals to be exempt of visa requirements.

It requires a lot of organisation and attention to detail but is really cool.

How did you find the opportunity? 

My tutor Jamie Johnston talked to me about it and referred me.

How have your studies prepared you to take on the role? 

ICMP has equipped me for the job by giving me a well rounded knowledge of the music business industry, especially when it comes to understanding the dynamic between artist, agent and promoter." 

My music law module comes in handy when I have to read over contracts and these skills make it easy to understand and spot what I'm searching for. The finance module also is very useful to me as I'm now in the Finance Department at Festival Republic, so being financially literate and having a good understanding of VAT is crucial.

What do you enjoy most about your work? Have there been any exciting projects you've worked on? 

It would be difficult to say what I enjoy the most as I really like it as a whole. I like the job it’s exciting and I like having the challenge of the deadlines, I love the team, the office is so nice and the benefits that come with the job are awesome. 

I'm really excited about going to work onsite at the festivals this summer too.

What does the future look like with this role?

It looks really good, my goal is to keep learning more and more. 

You can follow Romy on Instagram and watch our interview with her on her time at ICMP. 

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