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This time we've chosen to shine a light on Swedish Death Candy, band which features ICMP acid rocker alumni Louis (vocals), Francesco (guitar), Marco (drums) and Jiwoon (bass).



These talented musicians are not new on our radar; the four met while studying on various courses at ICMP (including the Bmus Popular Music Performance and the BA Creative Musicianship), and started the Swedish Death Candy project in 2014. Their eponymous debut album, released in late 2017, have had great praise and saw them playing long tours around the UK and Europe. 'Are You Nervous?' is their second long-playing work, released on 27th September 2019 via Hassle Records

Like so many young people, in 2019 the London-based international psych-rock musicians found themselves living in a state of uncertainty, not just in reference to the obvious current political scenario in the UK. 

Environmental issues, technological advances… It feels like we’re on the brink of massive change. 'Are You Nervous?' felt like an appropriate title.” 

Front man Louis Perry commented that, compared to the first record, which was more like a photograph of an instant, on 'Are You Nervous?' the band were able to spend much more time considering individual sounds and how they fit within the sonic spectrum, hand-selecting the perfect tone for each moment. 

With this second album, the lyrics have become even more important to Louis, a literary-minded songwriter. “Music is conversational,” he said, “it has a message". As for the record, “it’s not all doom and gloom; although fear and anxiety are strong concepts throughout the album, it’s also about optimism and embracing the positive aspects of the time we live in.”

Listen to 'Always', the latest single released from the new record:

Swedish Death Candy are currently on a European tour promoting the new record 'Are You Nervous?'. They will be playing at Moth Club, London, on 13th November. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out more.

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