Our Careers and Industry team actively support and nurture all the musical talent to pass through ICMP and are responsible for selecting our weekly #ICMPSpotlight artist.

This week they've chosen to shine the spotlight on Luc Seacroft, one of ICMP's BA Creative Musicianship alumni.



We are very pleased to share the latest release by alt-pop artist Luc Seacroft, one of our BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship alumni. 

Joined by BA (Hons) Songwriting alumna Horrible Sophie on vocals, 'When You Look At Me'  is both lush and cold, a heartbreak song, arriving at a moment where identity itself seems to be in question. 

The song is a story in the sense of The Ronnette’s classic ‘Be My Baby’. Luc explains that: 

There's something about those songs that feels whole, they pack in so much into two minutes and hit you right in the heart. I wanted to capture that feeling and put it in the musical language of our time, so the emotion can really hit.”

Luc, who is also a producer, aims at combining the melodies and melodrama of ‘60s pop with a retro-futurist production style. "I am a lover of The Beach Boys and David Lynch alike; I think my music sits somewhere between the two".

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