ICMP’s Head of Songwriting Sophie Daniels is to host the latest event in her ‘Why We Write Songs’ series. 

Taking place on the 18th May, this virtual event is the final edition in a series exploring the motivations that drive creatives to write songs, share stories and connect with each other through music. 

Commenting, Sophie said: "During the latter part of the 20th century, songs were driving income streams for the music industry and a great spotlight was shone on their commercial value."

"Whilst they still lie at the heart of that industry, we have more recently begun to consider all the many of types of value they have and the myriad reasons why people write songs. From political or linguistic activism, end of life messages, education projects, therapeutic purposes or even to incite violence, there are many varied and fascinating reasons that humans write and share their songs."

As part of this research project, I have been curating and chairing round tables on this topic, and bringing together writers from different worlds of songwriting. Initially this included ICMP graduates and students, then I moved onto songwriters at the top of their profession in commercial writing, therapeutic writing, research songwriting, artist songwriting and more."

Guests for the next event from the Songwriting Studies Research Network (SSRN) include: 

Professor Pat Pattison | Professor at Berklee, Boston, where he teaches lyric writing and poetry. His students include Grammy-winners, professional songwriters, and major recording artists, such as Gillian Welch and John Mayer. 

Professor Phillip McIntyre | Academic at The University of Newcastle, Australia and author of many acclaimed books and articles exploring how creative practice works. 

Professor Andy West | Leeds Conservatoire, acclaimed writer of 'The Art of Songwriting'  and Warner/Chappell songwriter

Dr. Simon Barber | Birmingham City University, co-chair of the SSRN, and one half of the Sodajerker songwriting podcast team 

Frank Turner | ICMP friend, Songwriters' Circle guest and recent number one artist and songwriter 

This panel will draw on their vast collective songwriting experience to discuss many of the different reasons behind writing, the relationship between songwriting and money and the future of songwriting itself. 

A book, ‘Why We Write Songs’, is due for publication in Spring 2023. 

Visit songwritingstudies.com for more information.

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