The ICMP community never stops surprising us and, once again, they have provided the best monthly soundtrack we could ever wish for!

Here is a great selection of tracks being released this month. Follow our playlist to not miss out on any new tracks by our students and alumni.

CORRINA TAYLOR • A Million Lightbulbs


Corrina Taylor is a Singer/Songwriter from Cambridge. During her time studying on ICMP’s MA Songwriting course, Corrina won the Outstanding Student award at Graduation in 2020. As a musician she performs a mixture of folk/pop and electro/pop.

Her songs delve into her personal development and her relationships, using her own life experience to share stories that will help people better understand their own hearts.

Talking about her new track ‘A Million Lightbulbs’, Corrina said:

“This song is about finding myself in lockdown, in isolation in Italy. Learning to find happiness within, rather than seeking it from external things. The video is made of clips from the vlogs I made while I was there. It has been played on BBC Introducing by BBC Cambridgeshire and BBC Humberside 4 times.”


JESSI PE • I Will Never Give Up


Jessi Pe is an up-and-coming artist carving her niche in the alt-pop sphere; originally from South Germany, but now making her way in London. Jessi grew up immersed in the world of musical theatre and started playing guitar as a child as a way of sharing her feelings through song.

She has shared her stories all over the world, from Spain, to Texas, and California, before settling in London in 2018, where she completed a BA (Hons) Songwriting degree at ICMP.

Inspired by the likes of Amy MacDonald, James Blunt, and Florence and the Machine, Jessi is carving her own path down the well-worn road of pop singer-songwriters.


Her new track ‘I Will Never Give Up’ takes an important subject and serious song craft but dresses it up in the clothes of a pop anthem that you could hear filling venues from intimate dive bars right through to packed out stadiums. It had its radio debut on BBC Introducing on 12th September 2021.

‘I Will Never Give Up’ was produced by Lasse Corus and mixed by Michael Fink.

Jessi describes the song as:

“A mantra of encouragement to keep going, even when life feels like it’s not going anywhere”.




BMus Popular Music Performance Alum Zoë Zohar is an internationally born, London based independent artist. Her music blends nostalgic emotive tones with modern electronic elements, creating a contrasting sound that is both raw and mechanical.

Raised in Israel by a South African mother and Israeli father, Zohar often incorporates sonic elements from her upbringing and surroundings in her songs. She shares her outlook on life as she questions the environment she grew up in, her sense of belonging, and her constant urge for escapism.

Zohar describes her new track ‘NUMB’ as her “post-apocalyptic power song”, shifting the mysteriously dramatic sound associated with Zohar’s music in a new direction. Filled with cinematic explosions, 1980’s rock guitars, and a futuristic flare, Zohar draws her listeners into a sonic world of escapism and powerful ambience.

NUMB was co-written and co-produced with Evin Durkin, as well as co-produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Guillen and Michael Fink. On the track Zohar is accompanied by Evin Durkin, George Scott and Daniel Guillen.




Genre bending artist, songwriter, and BA (Hons) Songwriting student Etoile, prides herself on breaking traditional stereotypes. Her evolution into musician from professional dancer and circus performer has allowed her to merge her talents into her music, artistry and live performances.

Etoile embraces her Australian/French heritage in her music, showcasing her bi-lingual upbringing by fusing french hooks with her Aussie rap style. Described by peers as electro-pop meets alternative hip hop, her influences range from Portishead and M.I.A to Massive Attack, Jamiroquai, Spearhead and Sade.

Her new track MOONLIGHT is completely written and produced by Etoile. It's a romantic alternative pop/RnB song about get busy under moonlight. A bi-lingual track incorporating a French pre-chorus and Etoile's signature rapping style in the outro.

A remix of Moonlight has also been released, mixed by Rabii in collaboration with Etoile.


LAURUSTA & THE DEAD DOGS • For Now I Watch Her Spaceship Disappear


Originating in the small town of Möckmühl in South Germany, Larusta wrote and performed music as a solo artist for a while before relocating to London in autumn 2019, eager to find a band to perform alongside.

While studying on ICMP’s BA (Hons) Songwriting course, Larusta came together with a like-minded group of musicians to become Larusta & The Dead Dogs; an independent alternative rock collective consisting of Larusta (vocals, guitar), George Old (guitar), Benedict Williams (drums) and Conor James (Bass) primarily with post-punk, folk and grunge influences.

Larusta & The Dead Dogs are back with 'For Now I Watch Her Spaceship Disappear", their new melancholic and emotive “Folk-Rock / Rock-Singer-Songwriter” release.

Giving us an insight into the track’s meaning Larusta said:

“I wrote the track after saying goodbye to my girlfriend who was visiting me in London during a long-distance relationship. The song, produced by Patryk Marcyniuk and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Andy Walter, captures this pure moment of sadness and longing.”


VIXEN X • Die for You


Vixen X is fronted by half-Russian, half-Moldovan singer Tatiana Marcov, who has always had a love for music, learning piano and guitar as a child. Following her passion, she moved to the UK three years ago to study music on ICMP’s BA (Hons) Songwriting. Originally self-conscious of her voice, the now frontwoman initially dreamt of songwriting for others, but having found her confidence and voice, she’s ready to kick ass.

Forming in 2019, Vixen X have already tackled the challenges of recording during a pandemic and now they’re ready to take on the world. Their debut single ‘Die For You’ has strong guitar riffs and a strong message that aims to empower women. Written just three weeks prior to recording, the instantly infectious track was produced by Justin Paul Hill, a former member of British metal band Sikth, who will also be working on the band’s debut EP.

Talking about ‘Die For You’ Tatiana explains:

“This empowering feminist rock track explores the daily struggles of women and is inspired by family members’ experiences of domestic violence. Die For You aims to empower any woman that has suffered at the hands of a man.”


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