Lucinda Allen | Teaching Fellow in Vocal Studies

At ICMP we continually seek to ensure that the education of our students meets the evolving expectations of the modern music industry. As demand grows for our vocal courses, we've taken the innovative step of appointing a new role to oversee the development of our students and teaching practices. 

Our newly appointed Teaching Fellow in Vocal Studies, Lucinda Allen, will ensure that ICMP's vocal tuition matches the ever-changing practices found within the industry. We hope this will ultimately mean all ICMP students graduate with the skills, techniques and knowledge required to succeed.  

This role will support our intake of vocal students as well as all ICMP students who use their voice as a tool to facilitate their creativity.

As we approach the start of another year with a fantastic new cohort of students we chatted to Lucinda about her new role and why this area of work forms such an important link between education and the industry.

How did this role come about and what does it involve? 

This role came about because of a response to a number of factors. Firstly, the large number of singers that we now have on our programmes. Whether it be Songwriting or Performance, all of our students are encouraged to sing as either a primary instrument or creative tool.  

Secondly, the role was designed in response to the growing needs of students and the requirements of the industry. This role not only addresses ‘what’ we are teaching in terms of Vocals, but ‘how’. 

How important is a role like this to a student’s music education? 

I believe roles like this are truly valuable in education for a number of reasons. To ensure what we are teaching our students is up-to-date and relevant but also to encourage creativity, growth and development. The role is designed to be a central hub for voice users. Whether students need further resources for learning or vocal health support, this role will ensure our students receive the guidance they need to grow and develop as professionals. It also serves as a bridge to the industry, aligning teaching and learning with industry expectations and acting as a hub for excellence.   

At ICMP we value each vocal tutor’s unique skill set, so everyone has their own lane but we are all going in the same direction. With this in mind we are currently developing our vision statement as a faculty to encourage a sense of team and common goals which is student centred and facilitates professional growth for all."

What is your background and how did you get into this area of work? 

When I am not teaching at ICMP I run my own Vocal Coaching Practice Voice Unlocked in central London where I work with people such as pop artists, West End musical theatre performers, actors, rappers and public speakers.  

I will always treasure my love for my own vocal expression whether that be in the studio or singing in a choir. That being said my biggest passion is facilitating voice in others. This is something I have harnessed over the last 10 years through experiential learning, formal training and a love for working with people.  

Specialising in both the speaking and singing voice has allowed me to work with so many different types of performer and practitioner, exploring how to voice functions in relation to the bigger picture of body and mind.  

It has been a privilege over the last few years working alongside other practitioners such as the leading vocal physio therapy clinic Physio Ed that specialist in Vocal massage and being part of their supportive and innovative team.  

This sense of team has continually inspired me to learn, collaborate and share knowledge.    

What are you looking forward to most about the future of vocal provision at ICMP? 

With this in mind I am most excited about our community feeling like a place where we share creative excellence both from our students, staff and external network to bridge the gap between education and industry.   

We wish Lucinda all the best with the new role.

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