Sound designer, producer and Ableton tutor Mwen is the latest guest to share insights and experiences on ICMP’s The Interview Series. 

Hosted by Lara Magnelli from ICMP’s Marketing Team, the podcast aims to highlight the career, expertise and achievements of various members of the ICMP musical community.

Mwen (she/they) is a sound designer, producer, composer, DJ and Ableton tutor, currently teaching on some of ICMP's evening courses and degree programmes.

Lara said:

My conversation with Mwen was super inspiring as it revolved around their love of sound and creativity in all forms and the never-ending possibilities that these offer in terms of career developments."

“They discussed their experience as a sound designer for theatre and live performances, as well as their passion for DJing and seeing people dance while feeding them music they’ve never heard of.” 

In the interview, Mwen discussed their musical background, various projects and the need for music creators to diversify their work to benefit from different income streams. 

Mwen also shared their love for music education as a self-taught talent now in a position to offer insight and expertise from different music industry experiences. 

Previous guests on The Interview Series have included the likes of Catherine Anne Davies (The Anchoress)Lia MiceCharlie Thomas and many more. 

Listen now: 

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