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Find out more on how our team supports you and your music projects… 



From our Careers and Industry Hub to the brilliant courses and tutors, there’s a huge amount of resources at ICMP to help students and alumni. 

ICMP’s Marketing Team can play an important role in supporting ICMP’s musical community alongside lessons and careers advice. 

Via the website, ICMP blog and numerous social channels, there are myriad ways in which students and alumni can not only receive support but also learn about the latest music industry initiatives, trends and opportunities. 

We quizzed ICMP Marketing Executive Lara Magnelli on the support available and share some vital information on what our students can utilise… 

What's the best piece of advice you'd give to new starters at ICMP this September?

Engage! Follow us on social media (@ICMPLife and @ICMPLondon), message us, talk to us, ask us questions. Whether online or in-person, get to know our team (Marketing and Events) and how we can support you during your time at ICMP - and beyond.

Also... engage with your peers. 

You are the next generation of music professionals and who knows, maybe you'll end up writing an award-winning album with your classmate one day!”

How can they get in touch with new music or projects? 

Whether you're applying to get featured on our Spotlight or Release Radar, there is a form you need to fill. You can find it here

If you're looking to get some extra social media coverage (we have 30k+ followers across our accounts), please tag @ICMPLife and @ICMPLondon and we'll reshare your posts.

What do students need to provide to be in with a chance of being featured in Release Radar or with a Spotlight profile? 

Everything we need is included in the form. Please ensure you have high-res pictures to go with your application - at least two, if possible - and a well-written bio and/or press release. 

Good luck and hope to meet you soon!

ICMP Spotlight


Good Girls Don't - a collective started by three of our Music Business students

The ICMP Spotlight aims to support as many students and alumni as possible in their personal careers within the music industry.

Whether you'll be working on a musical, joining a cover band, starting out as a booking agent/artist manager/music journalist/etc, we want to know all about it and support you with any possible means.

Find out more about ICMP's Spotlight

Release Radar 

The ICMP community never stops surprising us, constantly providing the best monthly soundtrack we could ever wish for!

Every month we gather together some of the best new music from our students and alumni and compile it as a Spotify playlist

Follow our playlist so you don't miss out on any new releases from our students and alumni.

We also have ICMP Selector playlists too, all carefully curated by members of the ICMP community. 


Social media 


From YouTube to Spotify via Instagram and Twitter, our social media channels offer fantastic exposure for our musical community with our social media audience adding up to 30k people.​

ICMPLondon is the official channel through which we communicate with incoming students, partner schools, guests, and music professionals/brands.

ICMPLife is our student and alumni channel. Here, we share any sort of communications that regards life at ICMP (from events and opportunities to academic support and facilities announcements, etc).

ICMP blog

You’re on it reading this right now which shows you just how (hopefully) useful the blog is.

Every month we publish interviews and profiles with students and tutors alongside lots of guides on how to advance your music.

If you're looking for the latest music production advice or some tips on how to get the most out of Tik Tok, we’ve got you covered... 

Video opportunities 

ICMP students and alumni can also get involved with various video opportunities. 

These range from live sessions to interviews about their music and student experience. Check out this live session with alumnus Richard Fairlie below... 

Take the first steps in your music career with ICMP

We've been developing and delivering contemporary music education for over 30 years – longer than any other music school in the UK. With a proven track-record, countless music industry connections and unrivalled access to facilities, it's easy to see why hundreds of students choose ICMP each year. 

To completely immerse yourself in your music career, chat with our friendly Admissions Team via email or give them a call on 020 7328 0222.

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by ICMP staff writer
September 22, 2020
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