Mash P is a student on our six-month Music Production and Sound Engineering course as part of a newly launched Audient sponsorship, and is blogging about his experiences with us in the classroom. He recently performed at Glastonbury and released new music...

Once again, I want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me through my music career. To all of my fans and shout out to Glastonbury. 

ICMP has had an impact on me to be more creative and focused. I’ll always be grateful for being in this institution. It’s a really fantastic course but I would like even more time on it. We’re working fast and learning fast! Sometimes you walk past somebody and you don’t notice them because you are in a hurry!

The atmosphere here gives me courage and more chances and tells me that I can do more if I focus on it. 

I love the institution so badly. Lovely people, very friendly. Tutors are very friendly too. It’s like a family... As long as you are doing your stuff here you belong to the family. Nobody judges you by your looks or anything. Everyone does their own thing." 

There's a lot of love around the place and I’m advising anybody who wants to learn the music business, check online for ICMP. It’s a great institution! 

One day I want to use the studio and I know it will come. I really want to use the studio because I want to feel my own beats now in that professional environment. I know I can get there...

Thanks again to Audient and ICMP for the opportunity you have given to me.

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