We are delighted to welcome artist Mash P to our six-month Music Production and Sound Engineering course as part of a newly launched Audient scholarship - one of our music industry partners

Mash is blogging about his experiences on the course during his time with us so stay tuned for more updates. He was awarded an Audient Scholarship to study with ICMP. 

My name is Nathaniel Amara Sesay from Sierra Leone. I want to say thank you for the opportunity ICMP gave me with this course and scholarship. 

I was nine years old when I was captured by the civil war rebels. I came out of the jungle five years later and my family, everybody, ignored me and neglected me so I went on to the street. I spent 12 years there without any proper education. I found it difficult. Everything was lost. My friends and family stigmatised me and I had nightmares. I remember people always seeing me in my community as a rebel. 

Sometimes I feel like dying. Sometimes I feel like there’s no hope for me.

Doing music keeps me alive. I forget about my past. Music can’t judge me. The only thing I had was music. Music saved my life."

I like the fact that I am on this course and I want to get the best out of it. I have something I can focus on. Something I can rely on in the future. The tutors are really, really incredible and wonderful. These are the tutors I need because they can’t judge you. They are friendly. They are lovely. They do their job properly.

I’m really impressed with Lorenzo [De Feo] because when I started the course I couldn’t make myself a beat but now, although I struggle, I am able to figure out the tricks around creating one. I only hope in the future I can do more courses at this institution.

I want to thank ICMP for the wonderful space and equipment, and the love that is around the environment. ICMP gives me more courage and energy. Now I believe my dream is coming true and I just want to say how music set me free in my life. This is what heals me. I just want to be accepted into the community for my musical talent so I am really happy about this ICMP course. 

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