ICMP is delighted to announce it is working with the Association of Independent Music (AIM) to help offer practical professional industry experience to students from under-represented backgrounds. 

This new collaboration is part of ICMP’s Industry Placement Programme and aims to provide second-year students with vital internships at leading music industry companies.  

AIM is an industry trade body representing the UK’s independent music sector including self-releasing artists, distributors and indie labels. 

Oli Tatler, ICMP’s Careers and Employability Manager, said: "Gaining practical professional experience can be a game-changer for early career talent."

The Careers and Industry Hub is delighted to partner with AIM on this programme to help students from under-represented backgrounds to kickstart their careers with members of their diverse and dynamic network." 

Nina Radojewski, Professional Development Lead at AIM said:

AIM is very excited to partner with ICMP on this new internship programme. This is an amazing opportunity for AIM's community of independent music businesses, no matter their size, to share knowledge with aspiring music industry execs."

"This falls in line with AIM’s ongoing commitment, mandated by the membership, to level the playing field, providing opportunities for cutting edge businesses and entrepreneurs to pass on crucial knowledge to young people from underrepresented backgrounds entering the music industry.”

ICMP and AIM collaborate on the Music Business and Entrepreneurship Scholarship, an initiative to provide free-of-charge on our one-year Cert HE Music Business and Entrepreneurship course

The Industry Placement Scheme 

Through the scheme, the Careers and Industry Hub will organise paid short-term internships for successful second year degree applicants. 

Students in their second year of a degree level programme will be best placed to utilise their final year to source graduate opportunities having gained this experience and will be allocated appropriate opportunities in line with their specific areas of interest.  

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Equally focused on Music Business & Entrepreneurship

The music business is an incredibly competitive environment – and over the last 30 years, ICMP has developed and refined a cutting-edge degree that now focuses equally on entrepreneurship. We’re the first music school in the UK to recognise that you need to understand not just marketing, management, finance, digital, creativity and all the structures and quirks that make the industry unique, but also how to forge your own path, create your own job, and change the future for the better. With access to ICMP’s fully equipped music facilities, exclusive industry events, masterclasses and a peerless contact network, we have it all covered.

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