ICMP has once again demonstrated its reputation as a leading global provider of music education by launching the UK’s first ever music business degree, giving equal weighting to the concept of ‘entrepreneurship’ alongside business.

ICMP’s highly practical BA (Hons) Music Business and Entrepreneurship is a ground-breaking new offering in the higher education landscape, ideal for those wanting to establish a multi-skilled, entrepreneurial career within the music and wider creative industries. It should equip you to enter the worlds of artist management, marketing and PR, A&R, music publishing, tour management, events, music law, music supervision and more.

The course will provide students with the tools, opportunities and experience needed to develop and launch a successful and sustainable music business career. It specifically promotes enterprise and innovation via rigorous management and business modules, a series of industry projects, and opportunities to network, all with the aim of encouraging the natural creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of students.

The course’s distinctive emphasis on entrepreneurship within the music industry is perhaps most evident in the college’s truly unique Business Enterprise Project. This gives students the chance to develop, brand, market, launch and manage their own music business initiative, with the ability to pitch ideas to NatWest as part of their Entrepreneur Accelerator programme thanks to ICMP’s partnership with the bank.

The concept of ‘collaboration’ is part of ICMP’s core philosophy and is particularly encouraged in the degree’s ‘artist management’ modules, where students will work together with fellow student musicians from ICMP’s impressive talent pool across its range of performance, songwriting and music production courses to promote classmates as artists and develop a strong understanding of what it takes to manage a creative individual, both personally and professionally.

Students will learn a wide range of management, business and creative skills in small, personalised learning groups, and will be taught by established music industry executives all very active in today’s modern music business.

Ken Foreman, ICMP’s Music Business Programme Leader, says the new course covers the entire spectrum of music industry knowledge:

Our degree is a must for any aspiring entrepreneur. It equips you with all the skills necessary to succeed as the music industry enters an exciting new chapter where independence and a DIY ethos, whether as an artist, creative or business owner, is increasingly valued."

"We believe this ground-breaking programme offers you everything you need to transform your ideas into viable business opportunities."

From managing an artist, and creating an international tour book for a real-life client, to putting on a live music event, creating video material for social media, and pitching ideas to a prospective investor, students will develop a solid foundation from which to kick start their careers. All we need them to bring is their creativity."  

With a strong focus on the practical and a willingness to embrace diverse ways of learning, students’ lessons will extend well beyond the classroom, with regular sessions by special music industry guest visitors, classes and networking events as part of ICMP’s partnership with the professional community at London’s Tileyard Studios, and attendance at music conferences as delegates.

ICMP’s location at the heart of the global music industry in London is something which makes the new Music Business and Entrepreneurship course even more appealing, offering ongoing one-of-a-kind networking opportunities for students. London has always been one of the most exciting and vibrant places in the world for music and home to world-famous venues like Abbey Road Studios, Wembley Arena and Brixton Academy, and top record labels like Island, Universal and Sony.

In 2017, London beat both New York and Los Angeles to the title of busiest city in the world for live music, generating over £1 billion for the music industry the previous year. On top of that, London was named the world’s number one student city in the 2018 QS Best Student Cities rankings.

So, with all these reasons to consider the BA (Hons) Music Business and Entrepreneurship course – and the fact that it’s validated by the vibrant, modern and forward-thinking University of East London – it’s easy to see why ICMP’s new cutting-edge degree is being praised for leading the way.  

Study Music Business in London with ICMP

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