Congratulations to ICMP rock band Hello Amnesia who have been named among the latest group of Pirate residents for 2023. 

The band were selected out of 5,000 applicants for the residency and won a public vote to secure a £10,000 grant and access to a wide range of resources and support.

Hello Amnesia feature Sean Arkless (BA Songwriting alumnus), Marco Ragozza on keyboards (BA Songwriting), Kaan Yurdakul on guitar (who now works in ICMP's Facilities and is an MA Creative Music Production alumnus) alongside Wes Burton who also studied the MA Creative Music Production while Samuel Oliveira plays drums.

The group have been using the Pirate facilities to rehearse since graduating and saw the opportunity advertised via a poster at the studios. 

Commenting, Sean said:

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine to be selected out of 5,000 artists for the residency, which opens us up for amazing performing/networking opportunities, but it got even more exciting when we won the public vote which secured us £10,000 studio grants and industry mentorship!"


"We’ve already spent £1,000 of the grant, we’re spending a LOT of time (time we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford) writing, developing our show, recording demos – it’s honestly a dream come true!"

"Money was literally the only object getting in the way of us bashing out some incredible content, and now we’re in this position, we recognise just how much even a small amount of financial backing can elevate an artist’s career potential! We’re booked in to our first mentorship session to develop relationships with bookers/agents and strategies for booking better gigs independently!" 

Congratulations again to the band! You can follow them online here.

You can also watch them headline the Farrago Festival on 23rd July at Brixton Jamm. 

Watch the video to Hello Amnesia's track, 'UTYLGO', below:

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