Congratulations to ICMP’s BA Live Event Management student Hannah Ongers who has secured an internship at artist management company, CAA. 

The role will see Hannah employed full-time with CAA over the summer of 2023. 

CAA is one of the world’s leading artist management agencies, working with some of today’s biggest music stars including Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Black Eyed Peas and many more. 

Hannah’s role involves helping issue artist contracts, reviewing touring routes and logistics, and liaising with promoters from across the globe about headliners and support acts. 

Commenting on the opportunity, Hannah said: "I’m still only in my first couple weeks and I’ve learned so much about the entire booking process of when an artist wants to go on tour. I am also networking and making so many relationships within the industry! And of course my evenings are filled with attending live shows too."

Hannah has just completed the first year of her studies on ICMP’s BA Live Event Management programme, an experience she feels has been key to landing the internship with CAA. 

She said: "I don’t think I would have been able to get this internship without all the knowledge I’ve learned at ICMP. Even after just completing my first year I have gained so much." 


Studying modules like 'Live Production', 'Music Business' and 'The Live EcoSystem' have helped me gain an understanding of roles within the live sector and now I actually use what I’ve learned within my internship. When people speak to me at CAA I know all the jargon, I can talk about contracts, artist deals, and more. 

Hannah's tutor Jamie Johnston is Programme Leader for the Live Event Management degree and helped facilitate the opportunity.

Continuing, Hannah said: "My course leader Jamie Johnston has been a massive help to me in my first year and spent time with me and my class whenever we wanted to gain knowledge on something specific. We are also presented with many opportunities to strengthen our confidence which really helps and gives us experience."

Although she has grown up playing guitar and bass, the internship is part of Hannah's ambitions to work in the live sector within the industry.

"It’s so great doing ICMP's Live Event Management course because it covers such a broad spectrum of jobs that all interlink to make such a cool industry. I will 100 percent be in the live industry for sure. I am enjoying my internship and seeing what agents do on a daily basis, so that is a route I might go down. But I also love sound engineering and can’t wait to learn more about Tour Management in my second year."

"I am so lucky to have so many great opportunities so I guess I’ll see where the live sector takes me!"

Well done again to Hannah - you can visit CAA's website to find out more and learn more about our Live Event Management course below.

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