Congratulations to ICMP BA Songwriting graduate Geo Aghinea for being named among the Mastercard trailblazers ahead of the BRIT Awards 2024. 

The selected music industry artists and music industry professionals are all credited with "driving positive change in the music industry across technology, diversity and inclusion".

Geo is an electronic artist who harnesses innovative technology to produce distinct auditory encounters and soundscapes that sonically reflect their experiences as a deaf artist.

Commenting, Geo said: "Mastercard, as the core sponsor of the BRIT Awards, initiated a campaign to highlight people who are doing positive change in the music industry across technology, inclusion and accessibility."

It's truly astonishing to have been recognised as a music trailblazer ahead of the BRIT Awards this year. On this occasion, I would also like to express gratitude to The Academy for their incredible efforts in promoting this campaign."

"This campaign has already gained significant press coverage with the support of Mastercard and The Academy, and I am sure there is more to unveil as we move forward. I hope that this recognition will pave the wave for greater accessibility within the music industry for everyone."


Vick Hope, radio and TV presenter, author, and journalist, was among the judging panel.

She said: "I feel so inspired by the individuals and organisations Mastercard has showcased today, all of whom are contributing to greater accessibility and inclusion in our thriving industry and are carving a path for a whole new generation of music makers and listeners."

Others celebrated include Kris Halpin, a musician who leads Dyskinetic, a movement amplifying the intersection between music and disability, and Joe Hastings, CEO of Music Support, an organisation that helps people who work in music and live events affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction and promotes early intervention through support services, education, and workshops.  

Read the full list.

Previously, Geo was awarded an Oram Award for their innovative approach to sound and music. You can also read our interview with Geo

Visit and for more information.

The BRIT Awards 2024 with Mastercard will take place on Saturday 2nd March.  

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