Congratulations to ICMP BA Songwriting graduate Geo Aghinea for being named among the winners of the Oram Awards. 

The London-based producer, composer, and vocalist has been recognised for their innovative approach to sound and music. 

Geo is a deaf, non-binary, international student and creates distinctive soundscapes that reflect their experience as a deaf musician who hears through the synthetic mechanism of hearing aids. In early 2023, they started working towards the release of a debut EP titled, 'I'll Hand You A Hand'.

Commenting on winning the accolade, Geo said:

I am incredibly honoured to have received one of this year's Oram Awards for innovation in sound, music, and related technologies. It means a lot to receive this kind of recognition, especially at this stage of my career." 

"I've had the opportunity to listen to some of the other winners' works, and the quality is exceptionally high. I am grateful to be among these talented artists. This award also comes with a grant, which I plan to use to create a bridge toward the release of my second EP and invest in equipment that will help elevate my music production. What I haven't had the chance to do yet, but I'm really looking forward to, is getting to know everyone and learning from them. It is a truly exciting opportunity." 

Shane Beales, ICMP Tutor and Songwriting Programme Leader, shared the opportunity with Geo and encouraged them to apply. 

He said: "I am so proud of Geo for winning this award. It is recognition of the courage, creativity, inclusivity and authenticity that Geo has poured into their music while studying at ICMP on the BA Songwriting course."

I am inspired by Geo's journey and how they have discovered their musical voice and carved out their sonic identity by bravely leaning into the various challenges associated with being a deaf music producer."

"Geo also made a huge contribution to our ICMP community establishing the female and non-binary music producers society at ICMP with fellow student Emilia Buchanan. My warmest congratulations to Geo for this much deserved recognition and I wish them every success with their ongoing career and musical endeavours!" 

The Oram awards are presented in partnership with The Radiophonic Institute, PRS Foundation, the Daphne Oram Trust and the British Council, and are described as “a platform for innovation in sound, music and related technologies to elevate the work and voices of women, trans and non-binary and gender diverse music creators”.

Visit for more information. 

Visit for more and listen to their track, 'Fell in Love with an Alien', recorded at ICMP. 

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