The Ace Accelerator@Bureau Fund winner Luana Pires tells us how she has used the support to “boost her creativity and confidence” with her artist management business. 

ICMP Music Business and Entrepreneurship alumna Luana Pires was named as the latest recipient of the Ace Accelerator@Bureau.

Luana and her venture - the Aguia Music Management Group (AMMG) - have had access to office space at the Bureau in the Design District alongside numerous mentoring and networking opportunities from Ace, ICMP's Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development, and Design District Director, Richard Margree.

Her plans for the year ahead include working on a number of promotional campaigns for her artists as well as exploring plans to expand into event management alongside the talent development she is known for. 

How has working at the Design District gone so far? 

Working at the Design District has been undoubtedly the best work experience I have had.

It is a healthy, creative, versatile and diverse environment that quite literally shines from inside and out. 

When I found that I had won the Ace Accelerator@Bureau Fund, I was over the moon with excitement and ready for all of the new experiences I was about to have, and more importantly for the development of my company.

Now, a few months later, being at the Bureau has boosted my creativity, credibility, and confidence and helped me adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset."

How has the business grown? And what have you learned from your experiences?


Since winning the Ace Accelerator@Bureau Fund, I have been able to focus on the essentials to grow my business.

As an entrepreneur coming out of university, I have naturally been running the entire business by myself. Being at the Bureau has helped me developed my mindset and I have started to focus on what is truly important, essential, and immediate.

Winning the support of the fund also gave me the opportunity to be mentored by both Ace and Richard. They gave me great advice which I accepted with an open mind."

Have there been any challenges you've had to overcome? 

Ace and I met a few months ago and I expressed my frustration with acquiring business funds. As an artist management company, my income has been dependent on the activities of my artists. However, Ace helped me understand the value of owning my own revenue streams - so I have opened the consultancy side of my business. This has been essential in helping me gain control over AMMG's initial income. 

I have also been able to form a small, but dedicated team composed of Natalia Sousa (Social Media Content Creator & Manager), and Bogi Hegedus (Business Development & Marketing Strategy Intern).

What's next for AMMG?

AMMG has plenty of plans for the rest of the year including new music and expanding into live event promotion. 



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