10 resources for Women in Music

From online communities to podcasts and magazines, these resources will come in handy...


Navigating the world as a woman is surely challenging, let alone as a music industry professional (or an aspiring one).

Luckily, there is a myriad of resources we can rely on, from mentoring services to online communities, from Instagram posts to Facebook groups! Let's learn more about our top ten to help you take your music up a notch...


Photo source: https://www.shesaid.so/ 

1. Shesaid.so | Music industry

A global independent community of women and gender minorities working within the music industry. Founded by Andreea Magdalina in London in September 2014, shesaid.so members are from all corners of the sector: from record labels, artist management companies, and booking agencies, through to technology platforms, creative agencies, composers, artists and more.

Offering: mentoring schemes, job opportunities, ad-hoc industry events, and much more.



Photo source: www.icmp.ac.uk/news/the-cats-mother-panel-international-womens-day-2020

2. The Cat’s Mother | Music industry

Founded by Natalie Wade and Niki Evangelou, The Cat’s Mother is a network of hard-working, established women in the music and creative industries offering voluntary consultancy for young aspiring creatives aged 18-25.

Through 30-minute free sessions, members of The Cat's Mother network provide expertise, connections, and career guidance. For International Women's Day 2020 we hosted an event in partnership with them too.



Photo source: https://www.hhll.co.uk/meetup

3. Hustle and Heels | Entrepreneurship

A business training and support platform set up by Jen Scott and Jay Tav to foster entrepreneurial excellence among ambitious business owners, transitioning career professionals and early-stage UK start-ups.

Offering a variety of content from masterclasses and mini courses to business consultancy, the organisation has also been involved in delivering some webinars for ICMP's Careers and Industry Hub over the last year.



Photo source: https://podcasts.google.com/

4. Women in Music Podcast | Media

Hosted by DJ Millie Cotton, the podcast features guests such as music consultants, A&R managers, songwriters, marketing managers, producers, photographers, sound engineers, and creatives. They all just happen to be women!



Photo source: https://thef-listmusic.uk/the-gender-pay-gap-in-music/

5. The F-List | Music industry

Founded by Vick Bain, the F-List is an inclusive directory helping UK female and gender minority musicians overcome structural barriers by facilitating training, profile and professional opportunities. 

Members of the community include MA Songwriting Programme Leader Sophie Daniels (director), as well as ICMP tutors Catherine Anne Davies, Charlotte Hatherley, and Isobel Anderson (F-List ambassadors). Female and female-identifying artists and professionals of the industry can become members by simply creating a listing on the F-List website.


6. Womxn In Business | Entrepreneurship

A global community of womxn ranging from corporate executives and students to entrepreneurs and full-time mums. Offering regular content via newsletters, community engagement, and networking opportunities, recently via Clubhouse, the newly-launched audio-based social media.



Photo source: www.icmp.ac.uk/blog/interview-girls-twiddling-knobs

7. Female DIY Musician | Media

Founded by ICMP tutor Isobel Anderson, this platform helps female musicians record and share their music without fear of being confused or overwhelmed. Artists of any level, from beginners to more advanced creatives, are welcome. Isobel also hosts an insightful podcast called 'Girls Twiddling Knobs'.



Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/amplifyhervoice/

8. Amplify Her Voice | Music Industry

A big online community promoting gender equality in the music industry through awareness, education, and empowerment. The team at Amplify Her Voice boldly confront inequality in the music industry through interviews, partnerships, internships, panels, networking events, educational initiatives, and by conducting research. Their Instagram page is a must-follow!



Photo source: https://www.femalecollective.org/about

9. Female Collective | Empowerment

Founded by intersectional feminist Candace Reels, the Female Collective is a community sharing inspirational content for female-identifying people: from love, relationships and sex, to career advice, mental health tips and much more.



Photo source: https://aureliamagazine.com/zara-mohammed-womans-hour/ 

10. Aurelia Magazine | Media

Founded by writer Kya Buller, Aurelia is an online magazine that publishes a diverse range of thought-provoking work.

The publication aims to focus on first-person stories and opinions by marginalised genders; women, non-binary people, and trans men.



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by Lara Magnelli
March 2, 2022
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