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Includes T-RackS 5 SE and Amplitube 5 SE.

License provided when you start an in-person Ableton or AVID Pro Tools course.


Claimed by many to be the ultimate software music sequencer and digital audio workstation (DAW), Ableton Live is a powerful production tool equipped with absolutely everything you need to make any kind of music, all at the touch of a button. And when teamed with Ableton’s unique Push instrument, it really is a force to be reckoned with.

ICMP is an official Ableton Certified Training Centre. We’re proud to be a leader in Ableton Live courses in London, and offer a range of options across various course levels – from beginner and intermediate right up to advanced.

Our ICMP tutor, Marcello Ruggio, is a fully qualified Ableton-certified trainer, and runs all Ableton tuition at ICMP. He has been a certified trainer for the past decade and definitely knows his stuff, having recently published an Ableton guidebook revealing all the tips and tricks you need to make music using the celebrated software.

Learn Ableton in London

Whether you’re keen to learn everything you with our 12-week Complete Ableton Live Course. Develop your production capabilities at our intensive two-day Ableton Push Weekend Workshop, or receive in-depth Ableton tuition over five days at our Music Production Summer School, you can trust ICMP’s Ableton experts to help you gain a solid working knowledge of the innovative brand.

The Complete Ableton Live Course

The Complete Ableton Live Course 

Our 12-week Complete Ableton Live Course is perfect for those looking fast-track their music production skills using both Ableton Live and Push.

You’ll use the groundbreaking Ableton Push instrument to take your creativity to the next level. Using Ableton Live 10 workstations, with a Push 2 instrument, you'll dive into sample slicing, step sequencing automation and finger drumming, through to working in melodic instrument and drum rack views,  we'll cover everything you need to turn your ideas into full musical tracks, along with a final perfomance in one of our studios.

This course runs regularly throughout the year.

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Weekend Workshops

Ableton Push Weekend Workshop

Enhance your music production skills at an Ableton Push Weekend Workshop. Held over two full days at ICMP London, this course is an intensive introduction to Ableton’s Push instrument and all it can achieve. The workshop covers 12 hours of Ableton tuition at Ableton Live 10 workstations with a Push 2 instrument. From sample slicing, step sequencing automation and finger drumming, to working in melodic instrument and drum rack views, you’ll cover everything you need to turn your ideas into full musical tracks.

This workshop runs periodically during the year.

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Summer School

Ableton Live: Music Production Summer School

Take a journey through the process of music production using Ableton Live. Moving from recording and arranging through to post-production, you’ll develop essential techniques including sampling, drum programming and mastering, and will finish the week knowing how to create and complete your own tracks. This five-day course is the ultimate in intensive Ableton tuition. Be guided through the platform’s basics as you learn the techniques and processes involved in music production. This exciting week will include sessions by notable music industry special guest tutors, exploring elements of production such as deconstructing drum beats, mixing and mastering.

This course runs once a year for students aged 16+.

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