Each year, at our annual Student Awards Ceremony, we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our students. We also give away a series of prizes kindly supplied by our many music industry partners.  As 2018's winner of the 'Most Improved'  BA Creative Musicianship prize, Josh Scurfield and his band Shockpowder had the opportunity to enjoy a recording session at The Recording Studio.

Based in East London, The Recording Studio is a top-quality music recording studio and production company specialising in writing, production, recording and artist development.

Josh and his up and coming three-piece guitar group had the chance to record three of their tracks at the facility.

Commenting on winning the prize, Josh said:

It was a huge surprise but I was quite happy. I was always in the background while studying until I really managed to shine thanks to some of my great teachers in the third year at ICMP.

“Our recording session was great fun, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very relaxed and Kris Møller-Munar and Sam Roberts were great fun to work with; they really tried their best to get everything to a high standard and make everyone happy.”

The band’s album, ‘The Final Thoughts of Gaia’, was released in January and the group are planning to take their blend of shoegazing and heavy rock on the road later in 2019.

Dave Ferguson from The Recording Studio said:

We often work with ICMP students at the studio or at live gigs. For many people aspiring to have a career in the music industry, music education is vital to gain the knowledge and foundational experience needed to make it. A solid understanding of your subject and/or instrument coupled with general industry knowledge are crucial." 

Commenting on the session with Shockpowder, he said:

"The songs were recorded at the studio by our producer Kris with the whole band playing simultaneously in the live room. That always creates a nice energy and feel in the recording. While the band were recording our videographer Sam was filming the performances to create live in the studio videos. The session was great fun and it was a pleasure to record them at our studio." 

Visit Shockpowder.bandcamp.com and therecordingstudio.london to find out more.

Watch Shockpowder playing at The Recording Studio below:

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