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SHOOT FIRST • A PR & Marketing Agency
by BA (Hons) Music Business and Entrepreneurship student Lewis Speirs

Shoot First is a digital PR and Marketing agency empowering the next generation of artists through innovative and effective campaigns that are affordable for emerging creators at the start of their careers.

Having worked in the industry for around 4 years and after passing up a promotion at a Music PR Company in London, BA (Hons) Music Business and Entrepreneurship student Lewis Speirs launched Shoot First. Being tired of seeing bands being fleeced by larger PR agencies, or seeing talented artists at venues not achieving the success they deserved, Lewis saw an opportunity to provide them some real value.

Shoot First aims to educate artists on how to navigate the industry and stage campaigns all for free via their social media channels. Then if they are unable to progress further by themselves and need to build a team, the agency is there to create them at a cost that is affordable to artists like those at ICMP who are essentially on student budgets (whilst also undercutting the rest of the industry by at least half).

Talking about his experience building Shoot First Lewis said:

“We have staged 19 campaigns, working with 15 different artists, signed 4 contracts with labels and management companies, hired two interns and moved into an office to accommodate the rapid growth we're only seeing more demand for. I recently handed in my final assessment two weeks ago so running this at the same time has been a lot of hard work and something I'm incredibly proud to have started.”

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