Here at ICMP, we are proud to support our community and always look forward to sharing their successes.

Each Tuesday, we present a student or graduate music project, making it our #ICMPSpotlight of the week.

This time we've chosen to shine a light on Isolated Productions, a database of musicians, producers, and songwriters by BMus Popular Music Performance alumnus Joe Singleton. 



In 2012, Joe Singleton moved to London to study music with us at ICMP. Since then he has been living and working in London as a freelance guitarist. He has toured extensively around Europe and played all over the UK. Like many of his colleagues, he lost most of his work for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19.  As a response to the current scenario, Joe decided to put together Isolated Productions. 

Joe started to build the Isolated Productions project by contacting some of his music-industry acquaintances, in order to compile a database of musicians, producers and songwriters. The result is a platform that offers recordings, production, and songwriting solutions. 

He commented:

With the country in lockdown, I figured out there must be plenty of people wanting to use the extra time to work on their music passion projects."

Isolated Productions is offering these people the opportunity to book top musicians, who would usually lack availability due to being on tour or in the studio, to play on their tracks. The principle works both ways, as it helps to support musicians who are now in need of work.

Joe told us that:

"Our first booking came from a songwriter who had programmed drums for one of his tracks but thought it could benefit from live drums. So he booked one of our musicians to record drums from home. 

Similarly, you could book a trumpet player to record a solo on one of your tracks or pianist to record a piano part... There are also producers and songwriters who you could book in to spend some time working on your songs over Skype."

To find out more and join the community visit

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