Here at ICMP, we are proud to support our community and always look forward to sharing their successes.

Each Tuesday, we present a student or graduate music project, making it our #ICMPSpotlight of the week.

This time we've chosen to shine a light on Genius Time, a  quarantine project by BA Music Business alumn Nina Rubesa.



Nina Rubesa is one of our BA Music Business alumni and a multi-talented entrepreneur.

Nina decided to rename and rebrand quarantine time into Genius Time, aiming to encourage people to believe in themselves.

She told us about her inspiration for the rebranding:

In 1665 the University of Cambridge was temporarily closed due to the bubonic plague which forced people to work from home. One of these people was Isaac Newton who during his time in quarantine came up with the theory of gravity. Pretty genius."

She further explained that: "Genius Time is about acknowledging our greatness. For many, this may not have been nurtured or encouraged by those around them but it’s time to stop waiting for someone else to give you permission to be the wonderful human you’re meant to be."


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Since the start of lockdown, Nina has released 43 videos, exploring different quarantine situations. Nina also released a blog article about the concept behind it. You can read it here. She also said:

"The world post-COVID-19 is going to offer lots of opportunity for change. Embrace Genius Time and explore what your version of the future looks like."

"Find out what matters to you and how you can make an impact in the world." With this project, Nina wants to encourage people to believe in themselves, especially during self-isolation.

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