Spotlight Artist Sophia Mina

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This week we've chosen to shine a light on ICMP Songwriting alumna, Sophia Mina.



Sophia Mina is as a a singer, writer and storyteller of Greek Cypriot & Chinese heritage, as well as one of ICMP's BA (Hons) Songwriting alumni.  Her music, she told us, has helped her in many ways, and was a sort of therapy while she was fighting with eating disorders and anxiety. 

Sophia’s music is rooted in pop and commercial RnB, developing through a great mixture of urban beats and strong melodies. 'Ain't Got Time', she told us, is about a guy that she was interested in.

He made no effort to message me, so I told him 'you say you like me, but you barely text or call me' Then the day after that, my phone was being bombarded with lots of messages and I was in a writing session with my producer... The concept of the song happened really naturally after that.

Sophia Mina is also a mental health advocate, youth ambassador for Tileyard Impact and a young representative of The Roundhouse. 

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