Spotlight Artist Rival Karma

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This time we've chosen to shine a light on Rival Karma, band which features BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship alumnus Piergiorgio Ciarla.



Rival Karma are a ninja rock London-based duo consisting of Martin William Ross (vocals, guitar) and Piergiorgio Ciarla, Creative Musicianship alumnus (drums, vocals). Their first EP, 'Are You Ninja', came out last summer and received great praise from both fans and the press. The first single, 'Apocalypse Boogie', has been streamed over 50k times on Spotify. Rival Karma's music can't fit within one specific genre; instead, this is how it's been described:

A genre invented by the band, ninja rock comes across as a blend of blues- infused stoner rock and southern rock. Rival Karma’s set was crammed with killer riffs, wildly dynamic drumming and vocals combining just the right amount of grit and smoothness” – Emily Engleheart (Tap the Feed)

'Chemical Courage'  is the latest single taken from the EP.  The song is a blend of blues and southern rock elements, paired with distorted voices and guitars. Check it out here:

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