Our Careers and Industry team actively support and nurture all the musical talent to pass through ICMP and are responsible for selecting our weekly #ICMPSpotlight artist.

This week they've chosen to shine the spotlight on BA (Hons) Songwriting student Porteous.



Ben Porteous-Butler aka Porteous is one of our BA (Hons) Songwriting students and talented singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. 'Vibe With You', his debut single, was released on 19th July. The track combines a great blend of indie rock, pop and funk elements, together with highly relatable lyrics.

Porteous has recently played festivals such as SWSX 2019 and Latitude 2018 as a drummer and keys player for different bands. He is now focusing on his own project, which he says is mainly in influenced by Radiohead, Foals and Rakei.

Here is what he said about his debut song:

I wrote it, originally, as a simple love song but turned it into something a bit more meaningful - a song of hope - as I revised the lyrics. I don’t think it’s just about love in a romantic sense. It’s about getting together with other people in the world and saying, ‘Yeah, times can be tough but let’s hang out, get groovin’, and try to forget about it all!”

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