Our Careers and Industry team actively support and nurture all the musical talent to pass through ICMP and are responsible for selecting our weekly #ICMPSpotlight artist.

This week they've chosen to shine it on the talents of our BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship alumnus Karel Ullner and his collaborator DJ Braj.



"FreeSpirit" is the first released single of 2019 for the duo 'Karel & DJ Braj'. The track was inspired by music that soundtracked their 'late night liquor runs' and continues to push their brand of Trance and Deep House to new places. Some major artist influences include Above & Beyond, Deadmou5, and CamelPhat.

Originally from Finland, now based in New York, songwriter and electronic music producer Karel Ullner is an ICMP alumnus enjoying great success on the other side of the pond. Karel studied for two years in the US before joining our BA Creative Musicianship programme as a guitar student.

Since completing his studies he’s now back in New York and taking on Billboard’s dance charts with his EDM and electronic pop.His track, ‘We Get High’, hit number four back in 2017 and he previously broken the top 20 as one half of duo, Karel & XoJani, with their release ‘Dancing’.

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