Ralph Murphy, legendary songwriter, music educator and friend of ICMP's Songwriting faculty, has sadly passed away. 

The British-born Canadian enjoyed a successful career over five decades, calling Nashville home and penning hits for stars including Shania Twain, Randy Travis and many more. 

He was a hugely influential pioneer in songwriting education, publishing the legendary 'Murphy's Laws of Songwriting: The Book'  and helping shape the early days of ICMP's Songwriting faculty.

Commenting, Sophie Daniels, ICMP's Head of Songwriting, said: 

"Ralph was known all over the world for his amazing career as a songwriter and as a founding father of songwriting education.

He always showed great generousity and kindness when it came to sharing insight and wisdom into his songs and his work had a profound influence upon our Songwriting Deparment. We will miss him enormously." 

Ralph was a frequent visitor to ICMP, hosting masterclasses and building a strong bond with our Songwriting team.

Sophie continued: "On a personal note, my relationship with Ralph was simple - he gave to me; wisdom, knowledge, experience, encouragement, support, kindness, an open address book, an open house in Nashville and his friendship. I loved his company. I am one of hundreds of people who love song who can say all this about Ralph and what's more, he wanted nothing in return. I simply can’t think of anyone else I’ve known who just gave me so much without agenda. Oh that we could all be humans like that.

"My thoughts are with his dear friends especially Michel and Nicky, his beautiful wife Louise and his son Shawn. Also his daughter Kerry who I've not met but must be lovely like him. What a man to have in your life. From London - We love you Ralph." 

Visit murphyslawsofsongwriting.com to find out more about Ralph.