We have been delighted to welcome artist Lisa Kwei to our six-month Music Production and Sound Engineering course as part of a newly launched Audient sponsorship. 

Lisa is blogging about her experiences on the course during her time with us. You can read her firstsecond and third posts here and follow her on her blog

Lisa's Learning #4 

So January so far has been such a breakthrough month as I finally managed to put down four tracks including drums/bass/keys and strings on Logic during an EQ lesson this week. It was so exciting and the first time in my life I could do it alone and write in the moment. Creativity and technology is finally working in harmony for me.

Breakthroughs such as this are imperative to keeping on moving forward in life even if you feel like you're walking through treacle. Breakthroughs like this stop you breaking down under pressure.

The awesome guitarist Mike Stern has also made an appearance in my psyche recently thanks to my husband Alun Harries (drummer). He has also inspired me to have another breakthrough in my guitar playing and how I can add to my vocabulary musically and that also gives me wings.

Music gives us all freedom and some days when mum is feeling poorly we always put some music on to give life, my daughter loves to hear Chuck Berry too!! 

I am hoping that with all my learning at ICMP my breakthroughs will continue to open up a whole new world to me in my studio with my beautiful Audient equipment and allow me to explore my new sounds through my instruments."

I managed to also steal 10 mins at ICMP in peace and quiet to allow old ghosts to flow through me and write on the piano which was enthralling too for a busy mummy to Rhi aged threew.

Mum has also had a breakthrough and the cancer has shrunk. So us girls are doing our thing and making breakthroughs matter instead of breakdowns when we are under such pressure.

Keep on searching for breakthroughs and keep on moving forward music makers, it’s the only way home..

Peace and love to all!

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