We have been delighted to welcome artist Lisa Kwei to our six-month Music and Production and Sound Engineering course as part of a newly launched Audient sponsorship. 

Lisa is blogging about her experiences on the course during her time with us. You can read her first post here and follow her on her blog

Lisa's Learning #2 

Hi guys, welcome to my follow up blog called The World at my Fingertips!!

Since we last met I have had the pleasure of six great lectures in learning how to use Pro Tools 101 from scratch. 

I’d never used Pro Tools before, didn’t know anything about it and now three weeks later I can set up tracks, add reverb or delay, mix and input MIDI or Instrument files, it’s amazing!"

All thanks to the great teacher Thom at ICMP.

Every lecture included using my EVO Audient headphones and an Audient ID4 interface which work perfectly! Thank you.

I feel extremely empowered and full of hope to now be a bit more in control of my music destiny and hopefully other artists in the future.

My classmates are great and so funny. Everyone helps each other massively and really support without judging. We are all now wondering when our Pro Tools exam will be, fingers crossed for me. This is an important part of my six month course and something I’m now very passionate about.

Lastly my family are okay and my mum is doing okay too on her second round of chemotherapy, so let’s look forward and I want to make her proud of my studio efforts on my third album that’s in the making.

Thank you Audient and ICMP. You are making me a very happy artist right now!

Visit Lisa's blog for more.

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