We’re delighted to welcome artist Lisa Kwei to our six-month Music and Production course as part of a newly launched Audient sponsorship. 

Lisa will be blogging about her experiences on the course. You can read her first post below and follow her on the blog. 

Lisa's Learning #1 

Well what can I say about my first ever blog in my life during such a time in my life. I’ve a feeling this may not be a standard research a product kind of a blog but a real emotional statement to say how music heals me time and time again, thanks to the ICMP London and Audient.

The opportunity I’ve been given by both parties is amazing and thrilling. To complete a music Production/studio engineering course with such support and amazing equipment is heartwarming and inspiring.

Since my sponsorship and course began I’ve lost my dear father-in-law to a stroke and my mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer!

I've gone through life changing events that I have no control over, but the course and the equipment (EVO Series Home Studio) have given me the creative outlet I need now more than ever to keep me going."

The setup and ease of use of the Audient EVO home studio is so calming and pleasing to a creative whose not used to recording themselves and have always been in studios.

The quality of the headphones is wonderful and I never knew I could have such a great sounding mic in my home.

The comfort and joy I have had from my first few weeks at ICMP albeit on-line sometimes has really saved my head from exploding and given me a break from pain and worry.

Thank you both for this much needed gift at this very trying time. I look forward to updating you again next month on my progress and a step closer to album number three!

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