Congratulations to ICMP BA Creative Musicianship student Macie Lewis who has reached the final of the Alpha Unsigned competition. 

Alpha Unsigned is looking for ‘the next big thing’ amongst unknown artists and musicians in the UK with the winner set to receive a £100,000 record deal with Alpha Music and Records. 

Commenting, Macie said: "The experience so far has been incredible!"

I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into it, but everything has been a lot of fun and very professional! I got a very strong sense that everyone who is involved with Alpha loves what they do and are passionate about finding new talent!"

Macie applied for the competition after seeing an Instagram ad online and cites Anne-Marie as her biggest musical inspiration. 

She said: "In my final year of studies at Access Creative College I auditioned for ICMP and when I was sat outside the audition room, I looked up and there was a huge photo of her on the wall! Immediately I knew it was the place for me."

Alongside the contest and her studies, Macie is keeping busy by working on plenty of new music. 

She said: "In January I went to Berlin to film one as part of a collaboration with university students over there!"

I've recently launched a songwriting duo called MYLA with ICMP third year songwriting student Emily Harbord where, as well as writing for each other, we've started sessions writing for and with other artists."

Good luck to Macie in the final on 30th March 2022. 

Connect with Macie on Instagram and Spotify and listen to her track 'This Girl' below: 

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