Congratulations to ICMP Creative Musicianship alumnus Adrian Valia on being named as winner of the Concours Musique du R.U competition. 

The talented emerging songwriter and musician won a composition prize for his take on The Beatles' 'Yesterday'  as part of a three-part concept EP. 

An award ceremony will take place in September with Adrian having the opportunity to perform his work at the event in Paris. 

Commenting on the music, Adrian said: "I wanted to share my own experience reconciling with the past (through the cover), as well as telling other people's stories (through five different interviews), all about the same theme. 

"It was recorded with old instruments and old tape machine plug-ins, limiting it to four instruments per track, and re-writing the lyrics, harmony and rhythm of the oldest classic, most-covered song of all time." 

Adrian received support from ICMP tutors Luke Toms and Oli Rockberger to help him realise his musical vision and create the EP. 

I always felt supported and the teachers were truly passionate about what they did inside the class. I've learned a lot since those days, but I need to give big thanks to ICMP. My time there helped prepare me to make a living from my music."  

Adrian is currently working on the next part of the EP as well as spending time working as a sound engineer and playing as a jazz pianist. 

Commenting on the best piece of advice he's received about making a career from music, Adrian said: 

"Whatever it is that you are investing in your music career, do it for yourself as a person, not as a musician. This way, your music will grow with you. And your music will only be as good as you are as a human being."

Listen to 'Yesterday' below and visit Adrian's Facebook page to find out more. 

Photo credit: Ben McConnachie

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