We welcomed the virtuoso guitarist and renowned shredder Guthrie Govan for a brilliant masterclass at the nearby Tricycle Theatre.

Guthrie is revered as one of the best guitarists out there, either as a teacher, with his own band The Aristocrats or making the wild musical ideas of director Hans Zimmer come alive.

The session focused on technique with Guthrie showing off his incredible skills while also discussing how he entered the music industry and became such a success.

Commenting on the importance of music education at places like ICMP, he said: 

Some people would come here to tidy up their technique and learn to respect other styles. Others would come here as great players but need more experience of working as part of a band - whatever way you look at it, there’s no general answer but it is very clear that music education is a good thing.”

Visit Guthrie's Facebook page for more information and watch our video interview with Guthrie on how his journey into the industry began and how Oxford University’s loss is the music industry’s gain… 

We've hosted a number of masterclasses during the 2017/18 academic year - watch video interviews with some of the best in the business including Stevie Wonder drummer Gerry Brown, Iggy Pop bassist Ben Ellis and acclaimed backing vocalists LaSharVu.  

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