Watch video interview with Stevie Wonder drummer Gerry Brown

As part of our first term of masterclasses, ICMP recently welcomed Gerry Brown, Stevie Wonder’s drummer of choice and genuine musical legend.

His career has seen him travel the world performing and playing while also bringing his experiences into the classroom and music universities across the land to inspire the next generation of players and performers.

Gerry long list of accomplishments has landed him on stages and recording studios with the likes of George Benson, Marcus Miller, Lionel Ritchie, John Lee, Sonny Fortune, Alfonso Johnson and Phillip Bailey. 

Commenting on how new players can become more adaptable, Gerry said: "Whatever you may feel, I’d like to do it this way, do it that way - just remember – pay back is the call back. So follow the directions, leave yourself open to new things, then make it happen…"

Watch our full video interview with Gerry: 

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