The F-List Gender in Music Research Hub was welcomed to ICMP for a day of discussion, networking and research exploring the theme of identity. 

The second annual conference follows a previous event at the University of Wolverhampton and featured an array of speakers, academics and music industry professionals with ICMP’s Head of Songwriting, Sophie Daniels presenting a keynote address. 

Speakers included many top thought leaders and academics including Professor Samantha Parsley, Laura Casas Cambra, and Natasha Hendry among many others. 


Vick Bain, Found of the L-List and Past President of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, said: "We were delighted with how well our Gender in Music Research Hub Conference went - and this is totally down to how well ICMP supported us in delivery. "

From Daniel Green's warm welcome to Professor Sophie Daniel's moving and inspiring keynote speech, to excellent panel moderation from Dr Lia Mice (with her excellent DJing for the networking too!), to the fantastic support from the students and the tech support team."

"All this and delicious catering provided throughout the day in the fantastic facilities of the Queen's Park building." 


"With such support we were able to focus on our important mission of leading the way in the academic conversation exploring researcher identities in gender in music.  And on that I have to say a huge thank you to all of the brilliant researchers who presented their research. We all learned a lot through this important opportunity to share our knowledge and understanding. Truly tremendous." 

Dan Green, ICMP Teaching Fellow in Popular Music Studies, said: "It was an honour for ICMP to host The F-List's second Annual Research Conference."

The talks were insightful and fostered meaningful reflection and dialogue on women and gender expansive people in the music industries. It really was a fantastic event."

What is the F-List?

The F-List Research Hub has been founded to increase knowledge by conducting research into gender inequality in music. In its approach, the hub aims to implement an inclusive definition of research. 

It is dedicated to evidence-led activism which aims to create an environment in which women and gender expansive people in the music industries will be able to more successfully start and sustain their music careers for longer.

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