Charlotte Campbell

Charlotte Campbell, an ICMP Cert HE graduate, has been featured on some of the biggest international news outlets after Ed Sheeran contacted her directly via Facebook when her cover of his track ‘Castle on the Hill’ saw Charlotte’s Facebook page banned by the social media company. 

Ed Sheeran posted his support directly onto her Facebook page providing words of encouragement to the up-and-coming artist. He wrote: 

 Just seen your video, it definitely has nothing to do with me, I bloody love seeing people cover my songs, one of the best things I get out of this job is seeing other people find enjoyment too. I asked what’s gone on and apparently it’s a bot that Warner have that works on some weird algorithm (I have no idea what that means) but it’s just bad luck that it was your video. I’ve had a word, and I’ll get it sorted. Sorry again. Keeping doing what you do, tis ace. Ed x.

Having released her second album ‘Making Waves’ in 2015, Charlotte has already gained a large fan base from her full time busking and gigs around London, as well as featuring in press from Time Out London, The Metro and The Londonist.

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