ICMP Music Business and Entrepreneurship alumni Paolo Tuveri and Finn Doherty have hosted a launch party for Finn's 'if you're bored of this city' EP as part of the business they have developed as Ace Accelerator@Bureau recipients.

Their new business has been born out of Finn's artist project and aims to bring together young creatives and businesses looking for talent to facilitate opportunities.

The pair have spent the past year using the support provided through the scheme to grow Finn's career and their venture.

Here, Paolo spoke to us about the support and how the scheme has supported the pair...

How has your time at the Design District helped you build your business? 

The Design District pushed us to act. We ditched endless planning and focused on getting things done, learning as we went. Having a limited time here has made efficiency key. We're juggling side hustles alongside our projects, and the surrounding businesses, making a living and thriving has become our inspiration.

It's been a crash course in professionalism, proving success comes from hustle, not textbooks. 


What have been the most important aspects of the scheme for you? 

The most important aspect was the unwavering support provided by Ace [ICMP's Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development], whose regular check-ins are invaluable. Also, having an office at the Design District is enabling us to resolve issues really quickly, eliminating the need to waste time searching the internet, contacting random individuals, or posting adverts on Instagram.

Our presence at Design District is enhancing our business credibility and granting us direct access to a network of 100 diverse businesses within the community."

How did the EP launch go?

The EP launch party was something unique. Finn and I always had this idea of filling a small venue and making it so full that you can't move... well, that's what happened. There were people everywhere. Finn sang on the dancefloor in the middle of the crowd. It was a very immersive and almost DIY experience, even though we had our own production team with Bear on sound and Emily on lights.

It was something really special, only for a few and that will remain in peoples memories. Finn wanted to put on a free party where people could get out of the usual monotony of London life, because he knows that young people of our age have a lot of expenses can't afford to go to certain events just because they're expensive ... and that's really boring, this city that eats away at your creativity and your being.


But the EP launch party was the complete opposite, and Finn is really bringing people into this world that allows them to know themselves, and explore desire, self-destruction, and the search for identity amidst the complexities of urban life and personal relationships.

What is next for you and your music/business? 

No concrete plan for the immediate future, but a clear vision for the next decade. The 'if you're bored of this city' campaign continues with parties, videos, and releases, alongside festival appearances like Latitude. But we're already plotting the next phase: autumn 2024!

Visit finndoherty.com for more information. Watch Finn perform his track 'Call It Off' live at the Design District.

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