The Duke Special's Peter Wilson, Catherine Anne Davies (aka The Anchoress) and jazz singer songwriter Anjali Perin were among the top industry professionals to host career events for ICMP’s Masters in Songwriting students. 

Taking place over both the first and second semester of the 2020-21 academic year, the programme saw alumni, tutors and industry success stories offer insight and advice into sustaining successful music industry careers. 

Songwriting entrepreneur Ed Bell and Aaron Slater, founder of Songwriting Magazine, were also among the guests, demonstrating the various ways in which ICMP alumni can enter the industry after their studies and forge their own professional paths. 

Commenting, Anjali Perin said: "The purpose of the extracurricular sessions was to invite a range and breadth of experience from industry professionals and alumni to really show life in songwriting in different forms, formats and approaches."

We aimed to provide a real-world perspective on how songwriting looks in terms of people’s workflow within their very different lives and commitments alongside how their experiences have moulded their own individual and professional journeys."

She continued: “Importantly, it shows how one can direct and set one’s own goals based on what resonates for each of us, but also be fully empowered to divert from those objectives if inspired to do something differently. 

“The highlight for me was really seeing that from such a diverse range of guests there were certain commonalities that really showed the students a process of inspiration, self-enquiry, craft and a clear sense of commitment and rigour to getting the best out of oneself as an artist or music-related professional.”

According to Anjali, the Masters should be seen as a springboard to greater exploration and opportunity, something which does not end when the course finishes. Instead, the learnings in these sessions can influence and inspire students throughout their careers. 

“All the guests have brought their own spin on things, a little bit of their own “life philosophy” and how that feeds into their work. But also their humility and honesty to show their processes, struggles and successes also remind us how it’s important to stay open and exploring, no matter the level of experience or “success” one has achieved." 

Everyone has quantified their wins in different ways, and it’s great for students to see that diversity so they can better work out what works for them individually."

Damien Jones was among the MA in Songwriting students who attended the sessions.

He said: "The Masters programme has offered some great extra curricular workshops and masterclasses covering a wide range of topics and were presented by an interesting mix of guests. We had successful commercial songwriters, more indie flavoured writers, songwriting book authors, people working in the theatre world and much more.

"The variety meant that there was something for everyone over the 12 weeks but all of them were able to give insights into their fields and gave us plenty of opportunities to ask questions."


The full list of guests is below:

Creative coaching | Sophie Daniels | MASW PL 

Major Repertoire Projects | Hannah Rose Platt | MASW Alumna

Major Repertoire Project | Corrina Taylor | MASW Alumna

Creative coaching | Mo Cohen and Sophie Daniels | MASW Alumni 

Major Repertoire Projects | Luke Toms and Thiago Trosso | MASW Alumni

SW careers | Bonnie Baker | Nashville Pop Writer / Producer

SW careers | Gerrard O’Connell | UK Pop Writer / Producer 

Major Repertoire Projects | Peter Highland & David Boyden | MASW Alumni

Major Repertoire Projects | Katherine Moynihan & Joshua Satchell | MASW Alumni 

SW Careers | Dr Polly Paulsuma, PhD SW, tutor, signed career SW artist | Folk song creation and research 

SW careers | Tim Elsenburg, aka Sweet Billy Pilgrim | Artistic Songwriting 

SW careers | Reveal Poison | Hip Hop creation and researcher, teacher and community based educational based project  

SW careers | Julian Blackmore | Musical Theatre and Film/TV Composer 

SW careers | Dr Catherine Anne Davies | Writer/ Producer/Journalist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Researcher 

Alexander Technique | Jane Gregory 

SW careers | Anjali Perin | Jazz singer-songwriter 

SW careers | Peter Wilson aka Duke Special | Singer / Songwriter, Theatre Writer, PhD in SW, SW Tutor

SW careers | Professor Andy West, Head of PG study at LCM | Staff writer Nashville, PhD in SW, Masters Leader, Wrote ‘The Art Of SW’ our set text 

SW careers | Aaron Slater | Founder/Songwriting Magazine 

SW careers | Ed Bell | Theatre Songwriter 

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