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We caught up with ICMP’s new Programme Leader for ICMP’s MA in Creative Music Production…



Congratulations to artist and producer Lia Mice on being named as ICMP’s new Programme Leader for the MA in Creative Music Production (MACMP). 

Lia follows in the footsteps of Mel Uye-Parker on taking on the role and brings a lifetime of musical experimentation and eclecticism to the classroom. 

Mice's latest album 'Sweat Like Caramel' came out on Objects Ltd in 2022 and demonstrates her unique approach to production. 

This is the result of years of studio experimentation with technology old and new including analog samplers, Pure Data, self-hacked instruments and 8-track tape. 

Lia is known for her electronic DJ sets and designing and developing her own instruments, including the One-Handed Violin aimed at making the instrument more accessible. 

In our new interview, Lia discusses her new role and what she's hoping to bring to the course...

Congratulations on the new role - what are you hoping to bring and achieve in the post?  

I have wide-ranging experience that I hope to draw on to shape the MACMP programme in exciting ways.

I'm a multidisciplinary artist with several years of experience in music production, performance and touring. I've met many amazing producers along the way who I'm thrilled to invite to guest sessions with the students.

As an academic, my writing has been published in journals and conference proceedings, and I have a PhD in Digital Musical Instrument Design. It took me seven and a half years from the start of my masters to the completion of my PhD, so in addition to my experience as a music producer and artist, I have years of experience of being a student of higher education myself. I hope to use all of this knowledge to ensure the MACMP students are having a great experience and getting everything they want out of this programme. 

How have your experiences at ICMP been to date? Have there been any highlights from your time with us so far?  

I started at ICMP during the pandemic and all the students and staff warmly welcomed me.

I was brought on as a tutor on the BA Creative Music Production, and I enjoyed it so much I soon began tutoring on the Electronic Music Production industry course and the MA Creative Music Production. I've had many highlights at ICMP so far, one being that I was the research supervisor for a student on the MA Creative Music Production programme, tutoring them on the written aspect of their Creative Production Project.

My student's essay was subsequently published at the Audio Engineering Society conference, and they are now continuing their project at PhD level. Bearing witness to their achievements during and after the programme is a massive highlight of this position." 


Could you talk a little about your work as an educator and as an artist - how does each inform the other? 

The way I see it is all music producers educate each other. We get together with our music producer friends, in real life or online, and talk about all our new discoveries to the point that it bores our non-music producer friends.

It’s such a huge bonus to have a classroom full of music producers in which to do this several times a week. As a music producer and artist myself, I benefit from this environment as much as the students, if not more. 

For anyone wanting to get into the world of music production, have you any essential pieces of wisdom you could impart?  

Start today and use whatever you have.

If that's a phone, there are plenty of free or cheap music production apps. If you have a friend with a computer, collaborate with them. If you have your own computer, there are plenty of free or trial versions of DAWs. Don't confuse living your dream with owning your dream equipment. You can start now with whatever you have, and you can gradually accumulate better equipment as you go. 

Are there any things you wish you'd known when you were starting out?  

I wish I had figured out earlier in my career how to have fun while producing my own music.

I was showing up to every session trying to be as productive as possible while also being very hard on myself. It's only recently that I've figured out how to have fun in the studio, and the irony is I'm more productive when I'm having fun anyway."

What does the rest of 2023 have in store for you? Any new music or projects we can mention?   

Since the pandemic I haven't been performing live as much as previously, but this year I'm starting to perform my music live more frequently. My next London show is at Café Oto in Dalston on Friday 28th April

Visit for more information.  

Main image - Chris Turner

Second image - Jake Davis

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by ICMP staff writer
March 15, 2023
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