Congratulations to ICMP Music Production tutor Lia Mice on the release of her fourth album, 'Sweat Like Caramel'

The LP follows in the footsteps of previous release, 'The Sampler As Time Machine', unveiled by Optimo Music in 2018, and a record featuring Lia's own REELTIME instrument, a cross between a reel-to-reel machine and a digital tape looper. 

Lia is an experimental, multidisciplinary artist, and producer who is known for developing her own instrumentation including the award-winning Chaos Bells. This large digital instrument features 20 pendulums, each equipped with its own sensor.

'Sweat Like Caramel', released by Objects Ltd, features sounds from the instrument alongside Lia's own vocals, and samples.

Online music retailer describes Lia's new album as: 

Neon-hued and jagged art-pop weirdness from pioneering inventor-producer-performer Lia Mice, who bounds thru genre, convention and taste on her latest collision of robotic electro, demonic hyperpop, tweaky IDM and slushy Radiophonic weirdness." 

Other projects from Lia include developing a one-handed violin to challenge accessibility to music education for disabled people. 

Read her new interview with The Quietus on her musical roots and the making of this latest record. 

The title track comes with a video directed by Lia and multi-disciplinary artist Natalie Sharp, aka Lone Taxidermist. The album has been mixed and mastered Francine Perry, aka La Leif

Visit Lia's Facebook page to find out more. 

Photo credit: Eleni Parousi

Watch the video to 'Sweat Like Caramel' below: 

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