Hailing from Huddersfield but based in London, Barney is one of the new breed of young, multi-instrumentalist writer/producers achieving great things in the music industry. 

Originally starting as a drummer in various bands, Barney moved to London to take on our BA in Creative Musicianship

Since completing his studies with us, he’s been busy working with a huge variety of emerging artists including the brilliant Obongjayer.

Earlier in 2021, the pair won the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically for their collaboration ‘God’s Own Children’

In 2023, Barney has been nominated again by the Ivors for his songwriting on Obongjayar’s ‘Some Nights I Dream of Doors’ album.

Commenting on his time with ICMP, Barney said: 

"There was a lot of freedom to make music which is what I loved. I wrote four separate projects while I was there with different artists."

ICMP definitely supported my creative endeavours really well, James Brister in the Careers and Industry Hub was great at bringing through the insight on the business side of the industry."

"That was crucial for me, people in the know being supportive about and helping me forge connections and network."

Recent production and writing credits include Giggs, Obongjayer, Celeste, Joy Crookes, Olivia Dean, Jr Williams, Bad Girl$, Delilah Montague, Steam Down, Duchess, Suzi Wu, Amber Simone and Mette.

Listen to 'God's Own Children' below and read our interview with Barney Lister here.

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