Ex:Re Elena Tonra

Ba (Hons) Songwriting alumna Elena Tonra is the singer, songwriter and guitarist for Daughter. Following the band's announcement of a career break in 2017, Elena started her first ever solo project, Ex:Re.

Inspired by a failing relationship, Elena felt the urge to let all her feelings out and rely on music to face what she was going through. 

‘A lot of the songs are long rambling notes to myself. Like writing letters you don’t actually send. A pile of paper I never quite got the courage to put in an envelope. I was trying to find a way to say things I wanted to say, but couldn’t anymore. Things I was too proud to admit to thinking or feeling', she told NBHAP.

The eponymous debut album was recorded with Fabian Prynn (4AD Records in-house producer and engineer) and her close friend Josephine Stephenson on cello. 'Ex:Re' was released in February 2019, with the likes of Clash Magazine and Loud And Quiet among others.

Ex:Re are currently on tour and will be performing around the UK and Europe this summer. Keep up to date with Elena on Twitter and Instagram.

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