ICMP was delighted to welcome acclaimed live session drummer Paul Jones for a masterclass session with our students.

Paul has played with everyone from Sigma and Labrinth to Cleopatra and Mica Paris so has a vast pool of experience to call on when it comes to live performance. 

He's well known for his love of mixing electronic and acoustic sounds and offered masterclass attendees guidance around making the move to a hybrid kit as well as kick starting your music industry career. 

Commenting on his advice for new artists, Paul said:

When starting out you need to listen to as much music and as many musicians as possible. Just check out as much as you can, particularly artists you’re drawn towards and inspired by."

On drumming gear and equipment, Paul said: “Try and get someone whose playing you admire and is using the kit to break it down if you can - and if you can’t get in touch personally then there are plenty of resources out there which will be able to give you a heads up on the basics from YouTube to online magazines.”  

Watch our video interview with Paul on how he started his music career, his kit and highlights from his musical journey so far… 

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