Robin De Haus London workshop | Breathing Coordination

Leading vocal expert Robin De Haas will host a Breathing Coordination Workshop at ICMP to help vocalists and instrumentalists find out how to optimise their performances.

Taking place at ICMP on 22nd and 23rd February, Robin’s sessions will provide insight and advice on MDH Breathing Coordination, a bodywork method aimed at helping singers, musicians and actors learn more about breathing and voice.  

The method is based on functional anatomy and offers guidance to performers on breathing potential and developing tools for better vocal technique and performance. 

ICMP is proud to be a leading provider of vocal coaching and the event emphasises the college’s commitment to develop our academic provision in line with the latest methodologies and techniques used in the wider industry. 

Lucinda Allen, ICMP Teaching Fellow in Vocals, said:

We're thrilled to welcome Robin to ICMP. His workshop will be a must-attend for any singers wanting to get a better understanding of the factors impacting singing and how this knowledge can improve a performance." 

Hannah Graystone, ICMP Vocals student, attended a recent session run by Robin. 

She said: "The breathing coordination talk given by Robin clearly explained how the body’s health affects our breathing and our singing. It clarified a lot of vague and confusing ideas within the singing world and inspired me to explore the subject further via his book 'The Path of the Voice' . I now take vocal health far more seriously and have a great understanding of what I need to do to look after myself and my voice to get the most from any performances." 

The weekend's schedule is:

Saturday 22nd February 

Robin is offering six one-to-one sessions at £95 each (fully-booked) 

Sunday 23rd February 

Morning: This session is suited for vocalists and vocal coaches (offered to ICMP students with a 50% discount). (fully-booked) 

Afternoon: This additional session is geared towards professional vocal coaches. Afternoon attendees are required to attend the morning session too and lunch is included. ( fully-booked) 

To find out more and get tickets.

Visit to find out more about Robin, his work and his fantastic book 'The Path of the voice' which can be found in the ICMP library.

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